Fisher / GCMS: Summer Welcome

An open letter to players and parents.
Preseason Letter

Please download the preseason letter for 2011

Pre-season LetterPre-season Letter

Preseason tryout form

Please fill out form and return to the coach prior to the start of two a days so we can decide on your playing position

Tryout QuestionaireTryout Questionaire

GCMS Code of Conduct

GCMS Athletic CodeGCMS Athletic Code

Team Rules

If this is your first year or have forgotten the team rules please read as some things may have changed.

Team RulesTeam Rules

First Touch, Support and Defence

Good rules to live by for soccer players of all ages


First TouchFirst Touch

Support PlayersSupport Players

Work Outs for all soccer players

Use these work outs to improve for all ares of the game

Daily Work OutsDaily Work Outs