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The Fighting Fish Swim Team is a competitive youth swim team organized by the Township of Fairfield and the North Caldwell Department of Recreation.This website is not approved or affiliated with either Department of Receation.
The team swims in the North Jersey Summer Swim League (NJSSL).
The league is organized into four 5-team divisions. Each team swims 8 dual meets against the 4 other teams in their division, typically one home meet and one away meet for each team.
At the conclusion of the dual meet schedule in late July each Division holds a Divisional Meet where swimmers from all 5 teams in the division complete together. The top swimmers in each divisional meet advance to the NJSSL Meet of Champions.

Fighting Fish Clothing Orders are in.

The order is in and everything looks good.

 We will be giving out the team t-shirts during warm ups at the away meet in East Hanover Monday July 8th.

 The other clothing order items will be given out at the Diving and Flip Turn clinic on Tuesday July 9th.

Any undistrubuted clothing will be available for pickup at the next home meet on Monday July 15th


Diving and Flip Turn Clinic

On July 9, 2013 we will be having a Diving and Flip Turn clinic at the Fairfiled pool from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM.

 We have a professional swim team manager coming to the pool to work with the kids at every age group to help them improve their diving technic and to instruct them on the safe and proper way to perform a filp turn.

 Even though many of your children are below the age where they would be required to swim two laps that would require a flip turn we have experience the kids who start practicing this at an early age generally will have it down pat by the time they need it.

 We know that summer camp is going on but this is really a great opportunity for the kids to get advanced instruction.

 Hope to see everyone there.


Steve L.

July 1st Meet vs. Mountainside has been rescheduled

The meet against Mountainside on July 1, 2013 that was rained out has been rescheduled to Tuesday July 23, 2013.

 If you child will not be available to compete please contact Dana and Kathleen to let them know so that they can set the lineups.


Steve L.