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Saturday, November 25
Coach's Corner
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FIAMA Head Football Coach Wayne Lumpkin
on the 2006 American Youth Football Season

Our team started out like most  first year team, but with the help of parents and staff we came together. Both the Jr. Pee-wee and the Senior Midget teams showed as the weeks progress that working as a team has great rewards.
The Coaching staff with one goal in mind made things happen. Coach Womack with his great plays contribute to the Sr. Midget boys. Coach Gage took  the Jr. Pee-wee boys under his wings and taught them alot about football. All of our Coach's did a good job and I know that next year it will be even better. We played every game with heart and with every game we got better and more complete as the weeks went on.


This was the first year for the American Youth Football League in the Hamptonroads area.  We work through some kinks that come along with any new league, with the help of our administrative team; Marcia Rose, Keisha Robertson, and Erika Wilson. We were able to make things happen for the boys dispite some storms. We helped  many of our players not just on the field, but off the field as well. We exemplify what Christ is about and made an impact in the community. I have no doubt that next year we will be better in every area because there is always room for improvement. I enjoyed everyday. We have giving parents and supporters who made sure that the boys had refreshments for every practice and every game.


Our Jr. Pee-wee finished the season with a 0-3 record  and  the Sr Midget finish the season with a 1-6 record. We learned alot and steps are taken to get us to be the winners that we are. We were blessed to have parents and friends come out to support us. The Ambassador Band came out and set the standard for what is to come.


Thanks to our Bishop for allowing us the opportunity to expand the FIA Ministry with a football program. Thanks  to the MCBC church family for all that they did from the use of the Church Van, printing and administrative work from Sis. Cynthia Moss. We thank the Bus Drivers Brother Ricks and Brother Vick who took us to the games. It was a blessing to be a part of this great move of God. I look forward to continue working with our Athletic Director Michael Rose for next season, who did a great job.  We as a team, learn together, grew together and came together as one. To God be the Glory for the wonderful things he has done and all that he is going to do.


Coach Lumpkin and Staff

FIAMA Head Cheer Coach

Congratulations to the Faith In Action Cheer leaders. Thank you for making this season a memorable one for me and Ms. TaShenna. We enjoyed every practice as well as every performance. Once more, I thank you for being a wonderful group of girls. Every one of you are excellent Cheerleaders and my favorite Cheer Squad. Love you all and hope to see you continue to cheer.”


Coach Andrea Gordon

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