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Dual Threat Training
Dual Threat

Are you a one-dimensional ball player?  Can you only score when you get the ball inside?  Or only when you are out on the perimeter?  Are you interested in becoming a next generation post?  A point forward?  Or a guard who can not only attack outside but can dominate in the paint?

 Then check out Dual Threat Basketball TrainingDual Threat Training focuses on developing players interested in being dominant down low and out on the perimeter.  In order to be extremely successful in this day and age of basketball, athletes need to be able to score and handle the ball anywhere on the court.  If you are interested in becoming a playmaker of this caliber, then you should seek to get into Dual Threat Training.

 You will learn:

  • Strong attacking inside finishes
  • Dribble attack moves and ball handling skill set
  • Effective footwork in the paint and out on the perimeter
  • Quick release techniques
  • Creating offense with effective on ball defense tactics
  • Court Leadership

Trainings occur during the spring and fall on Saturday mornings or you can contact Dan Taylor to have Dual Threat Training be brought to your team.


Contact us at 2threat@gmail.com or 206-790-2377.