Federal Little League: Team Parents

Tuesday, February 12
Team Parent Coordinators

Christine Vogus

Autumn Burnett           512-789-1044

Tuesday, February 12
Team Parent Responsibilities

Team Parent Information

2008 Season 

Each Team Parent works out the details of duties with their Team's Head Coach based upon his requests and requirements. However, the basic premise is to do the administrative/organizing for the team to allow the coach to stick to coaching duties. Generally, the Team Parent has the following responsibilities (which can also be delegated to other team parents): 

·         Promote Park Events  - Park events are a great way to get to know other parents, to support the park and to encourage team building.  As a team parent, your promotion helps make these events successful.  Please let the parents know at the beginning of the season about the events so they can get them on their calendars.  The following events will be held this Season:

o    Opening Day - March 1st - Games begin on February 28th , but there will be an official opening day event complete with a Parade of Teams.  There will be free lunch for the players and for the parents $5 and other kids $3 for the lunch. Ceremony starts at 11am and lunch at 12:30. TEAM PHOTOS WILL BE THIS DAY!!!! Also we will have fun games and raffles!  Stay tuned for more details.

o    Giant Yard Sale – April 5th - Starting at around 8am ‘til everything is sold. Ask a league representative for much more information.

o    MANY MORE events to be added, Team Parents WILL be contacted by the League.

        ·         Schedule Parents for Concession Stand Duty - Each parent will and must serve AT LEAST once in the concession stand. Which is located on the little league field. There are many times and dates to pick from. There will be two to three parents in the concession stand during one game. Each parent will be given a list of dates to fill. Contact Autumn Burnett 954-703-0971 for more information.

      ·         Team Snack and Drinks – Snacks are not required, however the younger players (5 - 9 year olds)REALLY look forward to their snacks!  For older teams, it is up to you and the Manager as to whether or not you will have parents be responsible for bringing snacks.  If you do decide on snacks, be sure to create a snack schedule for the parents.

·         Dugouts - Ensure that your team leaves the dugouts clean after each game.  This  the responsibilities of the players, so do not clean up for them!

·         Team Party - At the end of each season it is a custom for the coach to throw a party for the team. It is the responsibility of the Team Parent to help the coaches with this task. An example would be help making a list of a things for different parents to bring or getting with the other parents to collectively get the coaches small thank you gifts for their coaching throughout the year.

·         Fundraising – If the league decides to have a fundraiser in which each player has a individual job in fundraising, the team parent may be asked to help distribute supplies and collect the funds raised.

·         Pictures – Team pictures will be taken at Opening Day Ceremonies on MARCH 1st. Individual picture will be taken on a date to be announced. The team parent can be included in the team picture. The team parent has the responsibility to help the coach get organized for picture day and also distribute the pictures once the coach receives them.

·         Other Duties – Contacting Parents for game and practices, for rescheduling, important information regarding the league and/or team. Just overall helping the coach with oragainzation and administration so he/she can stick to coaching.

  Some things to keep in mind when dealing with your parents: 

·         Remember that this is a volunteer organization and sometimes things will go wrong.  Attitude is everything.

·         Encourage your parents to volunteer.

  • Some parents have a difficult time being asked to volunteer.  Some are unaware that this league is run off volunteers and what it costs to run a league.  They need to be reminded that the league has to pay for umpires, balls, bats, uniform shirts, uniform hats, helmets, catchers’ gear, lawn maintenance and the list goes on and on.