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Friday, February 10
FCYSL Constitution, By-Laws, Regulations

Get the latest revision of the FCYSL Constitution, By-Laws and Regulations.

Tuesday, January 12
Small-Sided Games Rules Posted

The Rules for Small-Sided Games have been posted for all age groups and are now available. Look under the Handouts link to the right, and then click on the League Guidlines link. You will need Adobe Acrobat to read or print the rules.

FCYSL Mercy Rule

In an effort to maintain a positive and meaningful experience for the youth of our league, the FCYSL Board of Directors has established a "Mercy Rule", to be effective with the beginning of the Fall 2009 Season.

This rule shall be effective for U09 and above age groups, and does not apply to the U05 through U08 age groups, where no goalie is used.

The intent of this rule is to encourage coaches of teams that are dominating the game to use the opportunity to create a more valuable learning experience for their players. A coach that can get his players to pull back on scoring by creative methods, such as: 1-touch, pass backs, requiring header goals only; will find that these techniques will not only allow the game to play out to the end of the allotted time, but it will also help to improve the skill levels of their players.

For complete rule details, please see the handout: FCYSL Mercy Rule-rev082009.pdf, available in the handouts section, or by clicking the link on this article.

Wednesday, August 8
NEW!!! FCYSL Game Cancellation Policy Effective Fall 2012

The FCYSL has released it's official Game Cancellation Policy and Procedures. All coaches are being handed this information at all Credentials Check-in's and are expected to know the policies and follow all the procedures as outlined. Additional policies can be printed by using this link, or going to the Handouts section of the FCYSL web page.

FCYSL Game Complaint Procedures

As is the case with any type of organization, some people have legitimate reasons to voice their complaints, concerns, or frustrations, or to make constructive suggestions for improvement. That being said, it is the desire of the FCYSL Board of Directors to understand and try to address every members concerns with serious consideration.

For that reason, we have established a special procedure in which you may file your complaints, and insure that your concerns, no matter to whom they are directed, will be heard. This forum is being established as a means to communicate real problems, and to register formal complaints over serious matters that need addressing.

If you have a complaint/concern/constructive criticism about any matter within the Four Corners Youth Soccer League, please e-mail your comments to: Your e-mail will be reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate person to be addressed. You will be given a response as quickly as possible, but please be patient. We are all volunteers, and have other matters that also have to be handled, but your concerns are important.

If you wish to file a formal complaint regarding a particular team/player/coach or perhaps even a parent, please be very specific with your details. In order for any action to be taken, we must have as a minimum of information, the date of the incident, the name of the teams involved (which game was it) and as much information about the persons involved as you can manage to gather. Also, we would need the names and contact information of any other persons willing to support your complaint, as well as your name and contact information. Please understand that for legal reasons we cannot act or react to heresay information, or annonymous information. If you are not willing to give your name and contact information, we cannot pursue the matter, and therefore, cannot take any type of disciplinary action.

Complaints received are handled with strict confidence and are never released for public display or discussion, unless the circumstances themselves can be used as a means of educating and improving our program. Our actions will always be governed in a manner that is focused on the best interests of the children for whom this program is serving.

We are especially interested in complaints regarding Verbal or Physical Abuse, whether it is directed at a player, a coach, a parent, a referee or a League Administrator. Verbal abuse is something that we do not want in our program, and if we hear of it or witness it, we will take immediate steps to stop it and to discipline the abusive person. Please help us by discouraging such actions from others, refrain from participating in such actions, and report any and all instances that you may personally witness either through the above e-mail address, or you may send your complaint directly to the FCYSL Chairman at: Thank you!

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