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Wednesday, March 9
NMYSA Concussion Policy and Procedures

Wednesday, March 9
U.S. Soccer Recognize to Recover Concussion Guidelines

Wednesday, March 9
NMYSA Concussion Fact Sheet

Wednesday, March 9
Heads Up Concussion Video

NEW - USSF Birth Year Registration Info!

Beginning with the 2016-2017 seasonal year (August 1 thru July 31), FCYSL will implement the USSF birth year registration and small-sided mandates within all of our clubs.

We would like to make this transition as transparent as possible.  Below is information reguarding Birth Year Registration.

Current Lingo for Age Groups is 'U5', 'U6', and so on where the 'U' stands for 'under'. 

New Lingo for Age Groups will be the the birth year of the player.  Birth years with single numbers will be 'o-threes' for players born in 2003, 'o-fours' for players born in 2004, and so on up to the '09s'.  Birth years in the double digits will be 'twenty-tens' for players born in 2010, 'twenty-elevens' for players born in 2011, and so on.  Teams that are rostered in dual age groups will be the year of the oldest players (i.e. U-9 and U-10 will play together)


Current Age Cut Off is that players are eligible to register for the Fall if they are four years old on or before July 31st.
Current Example: childs birthday is September 2, 2012 then the child will wait to register in Fall of 2017 having missed the July 31st cut off.

New Age Cut Off is that players are eligable to register for Fall the year that they turn four years old.
New Example: child's birthday is September 2, 2012 then the child will register Fall 2016 because any player born in 2012 will turn four at some point in the year 2016.  This will ultimately mean that we add players whos ages are five months earlier than before and therefore some of them will be starting their soccer debut at three years of age.
NOTE: For the 2016-17 season any child born in 2012 will be eligable for registration.