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Category: Pitching
Type: Drill


I recently attended a clinic at Arizona State University that Linda Wells and her staff put on specifically for our team. Assistant Coach Sara Griffin, was working with the pitchers and she had them do a drill that I thought was really good. It goes like this:

Start out in the "K" position. This is the position your body is in when you have taken your stride toward the plate, your glove hand is pointing toward the target and your ball hand is at its highest point. If you look at the body from the third base side, it resembles the letter "K". As you bring your ball hand around toward the release point, push off the pitching rubber with your trail foot violently so it squares your body to the target. This does a couple of different things. First it adds some power to your release and secondly, it squares your body to the target making it easier to be more consistent. Try this drill.

Submitted by: Coach Mike

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