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Category: Catching
Type: Drill


One thing I like to have my catchers work on is retrieving balls near the backstop and making the play at the plate.

I dump a bucket of balls along the backstop behind the catcher. The catcher starts in her usual stance; the pitcher starts approximately halfway to home. On "GO" the catcher must turn around, go for a ball, look quickly, and backhand the ball to the pitcher running in. The pitcher works on fielding the ball and making the tag.

We do this 30+ times until the catcher is able to accurately place the ball at the plate on repeated tries. This drill has improved the speed and accuracy of the catcher's throws and the effectiveness of this play. It also helps alleviate some of the pitcher's anxieties about making the play on a girl stealing home.

In our last game, we caught two girls trying to steal home on past balls. The opposing coach stopped sending his players from third. Need I say more?

Submitted by: Chris

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