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Category: Pitching
Type: Program


The secret to an effective softball career is muscle memory, which is obtained with the constant repetition of proper mechanics used in playing the game. Good muscle memory is gained by drills, drills and more drills.

Those of you who are not pitchers, please read the keys and apply the concepts to your position. Figure out a routine for yourself to follow for practice and games. The keys are the same for any position, Preparation (drills and muscle memory), Confidence (knowing that you can perform any athletic task required because of your hard work and muscle memory) and Relaxation (when your have confidence in your preparation you are relaxed and can focus on the game).



To become a successful pitcher you must practice at least every other day. This means, after warm-up, pitching 75-150 balls, hitting locations and working on rotations and if at all possible, throwing long toss.


1. Warm-up with snap drills (3 ball drill) Do 25-50 snaps
2. Once warmed, work on locations. Start with pitches right down the middle and then work the corners (inside and outside) also high and low. Do 25-50 locations
3. Throw some heavy balls or close rotation drills to perfect rotation of the ball for certain pitches. Do 5-10 riseballs, peel drops, and roll drops.
4. Move back to 40 feet and throw 5-10 riseballs, peel drops and roll drops.
5. Work on change-ups. Throw 5 change-ups, then throw fastball-change, fastball-change. Do 5 sets of fastball-change.
6. If you have the room, do the long-toss drill. 7. Finish up with 5 fastballs on the corners.


1. Before each pitch take, a deep breath, wink or do whatever is comfortable in order to get relaxed. Use this every time!! You cannot deliver a quality pitch if you are tense.
2. If you are in a game and you get tense, try playing with the dirt in the pitcher's circle. This will relax you. You may also call time out to talk to the catcher.
3. Take your time. Everyone waits for you. The play does not start until you make a pitch.


If you are prepared and relaxed, you will be confident. The batters can sense your confidence and you have already won half the battle. Just deliver the pitch in the location called and you have done your job.


1. Focus your best on the first batter of every inning. Try very hard not to walk her.
2. You must finish each pitch in a "ready position". This will enable you to field your position and protect you from line-drives back at you.
3. Even in practice, deliver each pitch from the normal pitching routine. This will help you deal with pressure situations because all you need to do is to relax and deliver the pitch just like in practice.
4. With a runner on base, you cannot throw a pitch in the dirt. This will give the runner the next base. If you do (everybody does) go through your relaxation routine and increase your focus the next time you are in that situation.
5. Pitchers need short memories. If you have just thrown a homerun ball or walked the last batter, Shake it off! Go through your relaxation routine. "Never let them see you sweat!!"
6. If you are hurt, TELL THE COACHES. Pitching when you are hurt will only make your injury worse.
7. HAVE FUN!!, but focus on the job at hand.

Submitted by: Coach Mike

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