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Category: Pitching
Type: Tip


Injuries are part of the game, but in a pitcher they are nevitable. When a pitcher is experiencing soreness or pain stop immediately! The pain is almost always due to a mechanical flaw in their motion. This pain may also be caused by a muscle imbalance. This is especially true in younger pitchers (12-15).

I have spoken to a lot of coaches who have had players experience this injury. If it is not treated promptly, it will lead to a long rehab time and possibly something more serious. As a coach, it is your responsibility to find that flaw and eliminate it. This is a difficult task, but a necessity. You cannot have your pitcher throwing pitches that cause damage to her arm or elbow. If you cannot locate the problem, ask one of your assistant coaches to watch or take your pitcher to another coach. They may be able to see something you cannot! Remember, this game is for the players! Do not let pride stand in the way of producing a Great Athlete.

Submitted by: Coach Mike

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