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A youth track & field club dedicated to providing a positive alternative for our youth. We strive to enhance the character of our young athletes by teaching them that VICTORY comes from being in the midst of the competition and not just from the outcome. We also believe that EXCELLENCE is achieved by learning to be reliable, respectful, and responsible individuals.

The Fast Forward Track Club program is built around key concepts. These concepts include commitment, honesty, determination, vision, communication, motivation, enjoyment/love of the sport and valuing quality relationships.

At Fast Forward Track Club, we are committed to much more than your athletic success. Our coaches believe that your spiritual, academic, and personal growth is actually more important than your athletic growth. Our main goal is to help each athlete become a servant leader who is prepared to meet the challenges of life outside of school and the athletic realm. This is best accomplished when each athlete has a solid academic and personal background developed through his or her athletic experiences and as an integral part of the Fast Forward community at large. The coaching staff is committed to encouraging and providing these experiences for this specific growth process.


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See's Fundraiser
See's Fundraiser

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