Fast Break Basketball Academy: Welcome

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Year-Round Basketball Training School


Fast Break Basketball Academy (FBBA) is known as one of the best basketball training programs in the Texas. Our focus is on individual player skill development. Keeping in mind that the key to success in basketball is having a solid fundamental package!!

Fundamental skills do not change, they are constant. We want every player that train's at FBBA to have the complete fundamental package. We know that by having the "COMPLETE PACKAGE" it will help players to be successful in every phase of the game, players cannot have a weakness!!

Our motto is REPETITION, REPETITION, REPETITION = BETTER YOU WILL BECOME!! Through proper repetition, we will see the changes slowly start to flow into a player's game. At this point we start talking about how confidence breeds success. When our players feel good about themselves, the sky becomes the limit. All of these things help you understand why FBBA is helping all players, boys or girls excel to their highest potential!

Playing basketball is an important part of a player's development. We offer year-round Youth Leagues (Pre-K through 8th) that is competitive and a rewarding experience. Our Youth Leagues are very popular and hope to sell out every session! We offer two fall sessions and one winter session. Players, coaches and spectators will enjoy a competitive, safe environment.

FBBA's goal is to make sure that every player that comes through the doors, from beginners to advanced, have the opportunity to enjoy the many basketball services that we have to offer.

Our Services Include:

Fall & Winter Instructional Training Leagues (Pre-K through 8th)

Summer Youth AAU-Teams (1st through 8th)

Summer High School AAU-Teams (9th through 12th)

Personal Training Session

Parents are you Looking for your son/daughter to develop fundamentals, character, leadership skills, and discipline and to play the game at the next level. Looking for your son/daughter to become educators of the game and to be the best they can be on and off of the basketball court. Looking for your son/daughter to develop the essential skills needed to advance in life. Connect your son/daughter with FBBA. FBBA can provided these things and much more.

FBBA has opened my eyes to a whole different level of basketball. Don Barnes will push you harder than you have ever been pushed before. If you are serious about playing basketball, FBBA is the place you want to be!!