FA Softball: Welcome

FA Softball 2010

Are you ready for some kick-ass softball this year!  Rog & I are setting up this site outside of the league site for posting team news, beer lists and anything else you want to see here.  If you already have an eteamz account, send us a request through this site to join or we will just add you with your current email.

 Looking forward to some good times this summer.


Sunday, April 11
One Pitch - FA vs. Mario's

We got the 1 p.m. time slot at the One Pitch, which means we'll be done early and be able to enjoy the cook out. Please bring your family. There will be a cookout with hot dogs and hamburgers, soft drinks and other food--provided by the league for all who attend.
One Pitch Jamboree--Sunday, May 2. Each team will play one 7-inning game.
Noon  Healy Oil @ Mustangs (the HOST team)
1 PM  Floral Arts @ Mario's Restaurant
2 PM  Willis Tent @ Drew Farms