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We are a competitive cheer program that allows your child to learn the essential skills and fundamentals of Cheer and Dance. We will always provide your children with a safe and happy environment where they will be able to grow within the program, make new friends that will become a second family to her and have the self confidence grow within them. We will do everything in our power to make sure your child and family has not but the best experience with the Fallbrook Pop Warner family and can tell stories for years to come about the time that your child has spend with Fallbrook Pop Warner Cheer.
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Jr. Midget Cheer Places 5th at Regionals

Cheer Spirit

Congratulations to the Fallbrook Jr. Midget Cheer Warriors who placed 5th in their division at the WESCON Championships on Saturday, November 19th in Long Beach.  The squad competed against 9 other Pop Warner Conference championship teams from California to Arizona. 

updated 11/20/11


Midget Cheer Champs 2010
Wednesday, January 12
Midget Cheer Takes 2nd! Pee Wee Places 3rd at Locals!!

Congratulations to Fallbrook's..... Midget Warriors Cheer Squad who took home 2nd PLACE and the Pee Wee Warriors Cheer Squad who took home 3rd PLACE at the Palomar Conference Cheer & Dance Competition on Sunday, October 24th!!! 

The Midget cheer squad will move on to Regionals in Arizona on November 20 and compete for the opportunity to advance to the National Championships in Florida in December. 

Way to Go Fallbrook!  Go Warriors!!

updated 11/06/10

Wednesday, January 12
Midget Cheer Competes At Regionals

The Fallbrook Midget Cheer squad competed at Regionals in Glendale, Arizona on November 20th.  Although the girls gave it their best, they failed to advance to Nationals. 

Certainly, the girls and coaching staff were disappointed but Fallbrook is proud of their accomplishments and wishes them all the best for next season!!

posted 12/01/10

Cheerleaders Are Super Athletes

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As published in About.com....... Recent Study Concludes Competitive Cheerleaders Super Fit

A recent study led by researcher, Hermann Engels of Wayne State University, concluded that competitive Cheerleaders are in the same league physically as Olympic soccer and gymnastic contenders.

The study, which was one of the first of its kind, measured the fitness and physiology of 33 female high school Cheerleaders. The group of Cheerleaders consisted of a mix of competitive Cheerleaders and sideline Cheerleaders (Cheerleaders that cheer for a sports team at school). The researchers then put the Cheerleaders through some rigorous days of testing which included workouts on treadmills, stationary cycles and bend-and-reach tests. These tests measured the cheerleaders workout capacity, flexibility and lean body mass. The results were not totally surprising to anyone familiar with Cheerleading. The competitive cheerleaders ranked very high in their fitness and strength.

As a matter of fact, they ranked as well as any top level athlete and showed "superior athletic fitness."  On the other hand the sideline Cheerleaders had very little in common with their counterparts. The non competitive Cheerleaders had less interest in training and were even sometimes late in showing up for their lab times. The study was started with 20 competitive cheerleaders and 20 non competitive, but ended with full results on only 13 of the non competitive Cheerleaders. And these results showed that the non competitive Cheerleaders' fitness was not very different from that of an average untrained adolescent girl.

What both groups did have in common though were their eating habits. The study concluded that all of these Cheerleaders exhibited poor eating habits.  They drank too many soft drinks and ate too many sweets. Their diets lacked sufficient quantities of Vitamin E and other key nutrients, which might indicate that coaching and training of Cheerleaders should incorporate nutritional counseling.

Hopefully more studies like this will be conducted on Cheerleaders and help shed the stereotype that Cheerleading endures. Cheerleading is a strenuous athletic activity and Cheerleaders are athletes.

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Jr. Midget Cheer Places FIRST!

Jr. Midget Cheer 2011
The Jr. Midget Cheerleaders celebrate with some of their teammates!
Congratulations to Fallbrook's..... Jr. Midget Warriors Cheer Squad who took home 1st PLACE at the Palomar Conference Cheer & Dance Competition on Sunday, October 23rd!!!  

The Jr. Midget cheer squad will move on to Regionals in Long Beach on November 19th and compete for the opportunity to advance to the National Championships in Florida in December. 

Way to Go Fallbrook!  Go Warriors!!

posted 10/25/11




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