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Welcome to Clear Lake Falcon Boys Varsity Basketball

Clear Lake Basketball publicizes the Clear Lake High School (Houston, Texas) Boys Varsity Basketball team to enhance the community's enjoyment of Clear Lake Boys basketball.

Clear Lake High School Boys Basketball has been regarded as one of the top tier Texas public school basketball programs for four decades. This website strives to help perpetuate this proud heritage by highlighting the varsity team's  accomplishments. Click on the "HERITAGE" link in the menu above for more on Clear Lake's basketball heritage. 

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Based on number of unique hits, this site is the # 1 team-specific high school basketball website in Texas and far exceeds average viewing hits among major high school and AAU websites. Now in its 14th season, this website is provided without advertising or donations by a dedicated Clear Lake Boys basketball fan. 

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In addition, volunteer-provided game action photos, slideshows, team and roster photos, and occasional video highlights provide comprehensive coverage for one of many outstanding high school varsity basketball teams in Texas. 


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January 27, Tuesday night at Dickinson

Clear Lake defeated Dickinson 71-51 in the first game of the second round of district play. Bradley George scored 20 points in the first half.

As of Jan 28, 2015 Clear Lake's record is 23-2 (one of the best records among the state's 6A schools). FYI: One would have to dig way back in the Clear Lake record books to the 1989-90 Lake team to find a record this good.

Clear Lake is ranked 8th in the state coaches ranking (TABC, 1-19-15).

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Upcoming Games
Date Event Time Location
Fri 1/30 bbspin Clear Springs freshmen at Lake 4:00 PM Clear Lake High School
Fri 1/30 falcon logo Clear Springs JV 5:30 PM Clear Lake High School
Fri 1/30 Falcon 200708 LOGO by Colin Lubinsky Clear Springs High School 7:00 PM Clear Lake High School
Tue 2/3 bbspin Clear Brook freshmen at Lake 4:00 PM Clear Lake High School
Tue 2/3 falcon logo Clear Brook JV 5:30 PM Clear Lake High School
Tue 2/3 Falcon 200708 LOGO by Colin Lubinsky Clear Brook 7:00 PM Clear Lake High School
Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Fri 1/23 bbspin at Clear Creek freshmen 4:00 PM Clear Creek High School
Fri 1/23 falcon logo at Clear Creek JV 5:30 PM Clear Creek High School
Fri 1/23 Falcon 200708 LOGO by Colin Lubinsky Clear Creek High School: 58 - Clear Lake Falcons: 54 7:00 PM Clear Creek High School
Tue 1/27 bbspin at Dickinson Freshmen 4:00 PM Dickinson High School
Tue 1/27 falcon logo at Dickinson JV 5:30 PM Dickinson High School
Tue 1/27 Falcon 200708 LOGO by Colin Lubinsky Dickinson High School: 51 - Clear Lake Falcons: 71 7:00 PM Dickinson High School