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Tuesday, March 13
West Virginia Reign Elite 2018

Welcome to the West Virginia Reign Elite basketball club webpage for the 2018 season. What is the WEST VIRGINIA REIGN? We are currently the largest travel boys club in the state of West Virginia with teams ranging from 4th grade to 11th grade and a senior's(12th grade) team for players who haven't signed yet. Our home base is out of Fairmont, West Virginia and our players come from all across the state(north and south) of West Virginia and bordering states(Please don't let the travel distance discourge you as we work with parents about practice). OUR MISSION is to improve basketball in and out of the state of West Virginia and give our young men and women a chance to play at the highest level with and against some of the most talented players in the country. Also as they grow with the club, to give them the chance to be seen live in front of college coaches from around the country and as you can see in our MY SITE NEWS section of our page we are getting our players to the next level and then some. With some of the best coaching minds in the state, our brand of up tempo basketball offensively and defensively have players from all of the state of West Virginia wanting to wear the REIGN logo and we are recognized just about anywhere we go to compete. From state to national tournaments to certified NCAA coaching events the REIGN has represented our region with it's play for the past 8 years. All of our kids are usually at or near the top of their classes academically because in the game of life, EDUCATION COMES FIRST. It's a sacrifice on the court and in the classroom to play for the REIGN and we take this very serious.

As for the players, we will give them a chance to be just that. Many times athletes are limited to what they can do because their coaches classify them. Guards handle the ball and bigs rebound and get putbacks. Not with the REIGN. We want all of our players on the same skill plane because the game of basketball has evolved and if you can't handle the ball at every spot on the floor now that leads to less playing time. We are a running club and won't hesitate to let our big bring it up the floor if they have the ball handling ability to do so. Everyone wants to score so if everyone has a chance to beat their man or girl one on one then that's what we want. We don't limit players and never will!

As I talked about a little bit before we do play a very good travel schedule which usually starts in March and usually runs til June and for our older kids (9th-11th grade and un-signed seniors) into July when the NCAA CERTIFIED EVENTS take place. These events include showcases in Myrtle Beach, Richmond, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and various other cities. Exposure is HUGE for our kids and we'll do what we have to let our kids be seen by the college coaches from around the country. It is our philosophy that we don't play a great deal inside the state of West Virginia because we feel you don't get better playing against the same competition you've played against all winter and this has worked to our advantage a great deal. Most of the  jr high and high school coaches in our area thank us because they see a vast improvement when the next season rolls around in the players who choose to play for us.

Our coaching staff consists of former all state and college basketball players and high school coaches who dedicate hours upon hours of time and never really get the credit they truly deserve. Also our relationships with various college coaches are second to none. Which in time, that helps us a great deal in the recruiting process when it becomes that time.

For the people who still don't believe in what we have done I'll direct you to our Class of 2015 players in which we had a total TEN college signings from this one group.  Let the number sink in. That number should let you know the dedication of everyone involved with our program. The numbers just don't lie...

In closing, travel basketball isn't for everyone. This is for the player who wants to improve against top notch competition in a very structured environment. Players who are ready to be pushed to that next level. If you feel you or your child is ready for the next step we believe the WEST VIRGINIA REIGN can provide that for you. #TheStormIsComing 

Ronnie Nuzum Director of Basketball Operations