Tri-Cities Extreme Velocity Volleyball Club : COACHES

Friday, October 4


Dale Casey - Miami, Fla    ( North Miami Sr. High)  

Former ETSU player / former Head Coach VI  college / former Va. High Head Coach / former King Academy Head Coach / currently Head Coach Sullins Middle school.  Former TSSAA official  - Private Instructor Coach 




Holly Rolen - Wise, Va 

 Former King College Player / Former Head Coach Va. High / currently Asst. coach & head Jv Coach John Battle High School. 




Amber Green - VHL ref / Former E & H asst coach/player  ( club Player - player club - Buc Jrs, ) 

Gary Griffitts - Head Coach Wallace Middle , Former John Battle High School Head Coach 

Kelsey Griffitts ( NonTravel)- King Univ. Player - Senior (club Player-  cobra Jr. / Tricities Extreme ) 

Cindy Griffitts ( Asstistant)

Taylor Leland -  Head Coach Sullins Middle / Former E & H Player ( club Player - Cobra Jr- Tricities Extreme ) 

Morgan Grant - former E & H Player /  ( Club Player - Cobra Jr / TEVA ) 

Whitney Cogburn  - Former ETSU Player - former KVC coach ( Club Player - Buc Jr, Cobra Jr ) 

Ken Hale - Former cobra jr coach, former coach/admin - TEVA 

Tristan Pennington - Sullivan South  High School / Currently E& H Player ( club player - KVC) 

Amy Reed - Gate City High School

Darren Reed - Gate City High School

Amanda Handshew - Marion High School




Summer Kremer - Current Senior King University - Former ETSU player, from Hendersonville, NC

 Nicole Tesh - Former Emory & Henry Player, From Boone, NC ; Head JV and Asst. V coach at Holston High, Va

Tori Clark - Graduate of Sullivan South, Graduate of Washington & Jefferson, Pa ; currently USAV provisional official, TSSAA official, PAVO official - Assistant Coach Emory & Henry

Melissa Buckland - Current Head Coach Sullivan Central, Former Head coach for Basketball and Softball Sullivan Central.

Amber Nash - Former Cobra Juniors Player, Played at Virginia Intermont.. from Tn.High

Meredith Hale - Former Cobra Jr, former KVC player, Former Extreme Player - graduate of Tn. High , - college - Lincoln Memorial Univ player

Sarah Kinsler - Former Cobra Junior club player, graduate of sullivan South , Graduate of Univ. Tenn , currently working on Master at ETSU.