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Saturday, September 8
Spring Basketball Camp - starting September 10th

Coach Bill & Phil are inviting your daughter to a basketball clinic. The location for this clinic has been generously donated by The First Alliance Church, located at the corners of Union Deposit Road & S. Progress Avenue, near Susquehanna Township Middle School.This is not a basketball camp which last one week and the kids are done. We have designed a basketball clinic whick focuses on the fundamentals of the game, conditioning, shooting, defense, dribbling, passing, rebounding, driving, cutting, reading the offense/defense, etc. Practices will be challenging and intense. Conditioning and knowledge of the game will be accentuated.


Our daughters have grown tremendously over the years. It has been a pleasure to watching them developed and succeed. That being said, we have also taken notice that although our young ladies are very athletic there is room for fundamental growth. Also many of the girls will be attempting to make their middle schools’ 7th -8th grade team. As you might be aware our school district has lost the 7th grade team and has combined the 7th – 8thgrade girls’ team, which will make the team tryouts exponentially more arduous.


I just want to emphasize the importance in getting your child involved in shooting, dribbling, conditioning and fundamental training immediately. As a former Division 1 player, the summer months were always the most important for my development. The sooner a child can master the art of shooting and dribbling, the sooner they can compete on a HIGH LEVEL.....


Basketball Clinic Curriculum:

1. Fundamentals and advanced skills developmental stations

2. Basketball terminology and basketball rules

3. Various basketball drills

4. Full court basketball games

5. Various contests

6. Guest speakers

7. Instructional videos


Our goals for the Basketball Camps are divided into three areas:

Physical, Emotional, and Mental Physical Goals: To improve basketball skills, gain a better understanding of the game of basketball, and understand the benefits of practice, exercise, and hard work.

Emotional Goals: To increase confidence and self-esteem by redirecting their attention on developing and getting results by focusing on the task at hand, instead of giving in to peer pressure or other such concerns or fears.

Mental Goals: To give youth a clear sense of purpose and vision of where their skills can take them. To help them understand more about mental toughness required to make it in the physically demanding sport of basketball. To encourage them to make good choices which is an important part of their mental conditioning. Through encouragement, they can be successful at anything they desire. Everything is within their reach and they will know that truly, "The Sky Is The Limit".