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Weather and Games Status Information

Please call our new weather hotline for field condition and game status information

Weather Hotline: 919-831-5214 or 1-800-646-0743

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Thursday, March 22
EWSA "Rain-out" Policy

Soccer is played in the rain.  The mere presence of rain does not mean that games will be cancelled.  The EWSA policy is to attempt to play all games when possible.  The league's President along with the Board of Directors are the only ones permitted to call off games.  On field officials can also cancel a game at the field of play.  Coaches are not to call off games without authorization from the Board of Directors.

Reasons for canceling games:
1) It has rained most of the night before the scheduled game and it is still raining in the morning.
2) It has rained for several days prior to the scheduled game and the fields are under water to the point where playing the game will destroy the playing surface.
3) The presence of thunderstorms, (lightning)
4) It is raining at the time of the scheduled game and the temperature is low enough to make conditions unbearable for the children.

The EWSA Board of Directors will do everything in its power to play all scheduled games that are listed on each team's schedule. Due to field availability, EWSA will not guarantee that matches that become "Rained-out" will be rescheduled.

In case of inclement weather the "EWSA Weather Hotline" message will be changed to provide weather related information.  If the EWSA Weather Hotline doesn't mention weather conditions then everyone should assume that all matches for that day are being played as scheduled.  Please wait to hear from your Coach in reference to your particular game.