Eunices Rinky Dink Basketball: 2010-11 Season

Eunices enters season hoping to keep streak alive!
bouncing ball

We enter the 2010-11 season riding a 16-game winning streak in the Goldtrap Rinky Dink League. We have not lost a league game in two years and have won back-to-back league championships. We have had a great group of kids over those last two years and have another good group this year. I love how this young group seems to be very coachable. Should be a fun year once again!



Eunices Week 1 - Player of the Week - Connor Brady
Connor Brady

Our player of the week for the week 1 of the season is Connor Brady. Connor had a great game on Saturday versus Morton Denistry. He finished with 19 points and 5 rebounds. He sliced through the Morton defense with ease on most trips down court and torched them for 16 points in the 1st quarter alone. He also played really good defense and helped us to make it awfully tough for Morton to get many shots off in the game. Great job Connor, we are very proud of you!


Eunices lets loose "mad dog" defense on Morton!
mad dog

Well I guess you could say it was not a bad way to open up the season today. Coach Scott and I have been talking to the kids about playing defense like a pack of mad dogs and that's exactly what we went out there and did today. We made it very tough on Morton to get off many good shots in the game. While offensively we were doing pretty much anything we wanted on most trips down the floor. In the opening quarter, Connor Brady was getting good screens up top from Cameron and Hayden and driving for easy lay-ups on most trips down the floor. Before we knew it, Connor had scored 16 points in the quarter and we had a 18-0 lead after the first 5 minutes of play.

     The 2nd quarter we did not look as sharp on offense, but our defense remained strong. Nathan Appleyard would sink a short jumper and Parker Wehunt would sink a free throw and we had a 21-3 lead at the half. Connor Brady, Bryce Caldwell, Marlon Briggs and Nathan Appleyard would all sink free throws at half and heading into the 3rd quarter we had a very comfortable 25-4 lead.

     We spent the entire 2nd half playing defense behind the 3-point line and really called off the dogs so to speak on Morton. We cruised to the easy 29-12 win. I told the kids after the game that it will get much harder as the season goes forth, so do not think that every game will be that easy. We must continue to play as hard as we can the entire time we are on the floor. If they do that, we will be tough to beat.

     We were led in scoring today by Connor's 19 points and 5 rebounds. Marlon, Bryce and Nathan all added 3 points each. Nathan also had a team high 9 rebounds in the game. Parker Wehunt would add a single point on a free throw to round out our scoring in the game. All the kids that played did a great job out there today. They all hustled and played very tough defense. I could not be prouder of them! See you all Monday at practice.


Eunices Week 2 - Player of the Week - Bryce Caldwell
Bryce Caldwell

Our player of the week for week 2 of the season is Bryce Caldwell. Bryce had a really good game today verus Eastside Animal. He scored 6 points and grabbed down a couple of rebounds. He also played very good on defense and continues to be on of our better defenders. He always gives 110% and is a joy to coach and be around. Great job Bryce, we are very proud of you!


Eunices can't miss against Eastside, wins 29-5!
ball in hoop

We continued to play pretty good basketball today as we defeated Eastside Animal 29-5. It seemed like everything we threw up out there today went in the basket. This one was over in the first couple of minutes of the game. Connor Brady and Cameron Lewis were awesome at the top of our defense and did not let Eastside get a shot off for much of the opening quarter. On the offensive end, Connor scored 6 quick points and found Marlon Briggs under the basket for a couple of baskets of his own. After the 1st quarter of play we were up 12-0.

     The 2nd quarter we moved our defense back behind the 3-point line so that Eastside could at least get shots off. It didn't help much as they could not get any shots to go down and we continued to score on the offensive end. Parker Wehunt drove to the basket for 6 points in the quarter and Nathan Appleyard chipped in 4 points of his own. By the half this one was way out of hand at 22-0. I was hoping we would not hit any free throws at half-time because it was bad enough already. As it turned out, Connor was the only one to hit his free throw and Eastside managed one as well. Heading into the 3rd quarter we held a 23-1 lead.

     The final two quarters we really passed the ball around a lot and tried to run off as much time as we could without scoring. We kept our defense behind the 3-point line and moved our more aggressive players down low to hopefully help Eastside manage to score some points. They did manage a couple of baskets in the final quarter and this one would mercifully come to an end with us notching the 29-5 victory. The win moves us to 2-0 on the season.

     We were led in scoring today by Connor's 7 points. Bryce, Marlon and Parker added 6 points each and Nathan scored 4 in the game. Everyone that played for us once again played great defense and they continue to give us 110% out there. Great job guys and see you on Monday at practice.



Eunices Week 3 - Player of the Week - Andrew Bone
Andrew Bone

Our player of the week for week 3 of the season is Andrew Bone. Andrew scored his first basket of the season on Saturday in our win versus Tan Unique. Andrew grabbed a rebound late in the 4th quarter and put the ball back in for the basket. Andrew is the youngest player on our team and is learning as we go right now. He has a really good attitude and always gives us 100% on the court. Great job this week Andrew, we are very proud of you!



Eunices wins sloppy game, 21-2!
spinning basketball

No way to really sugar coat this one. It was an ugly game for most of the way. We came out in the opening quarter and looked very sluggish to say the least. We were missing easy layups, turning the ball over an d just looked as if we had not practiced at all. Neither team could get anything going on offense and at the end of the 1st quarter we held a slim 2-0 lead. I really challenged the 2nd quarter team to go out and play much better than the 1st quarter team had done. They did exactly that. Parker Wehunt really got us going with a couple of nice driving layups and Nathan Appleyard was cleaning up the boards in the paint. Parker reeled off 5 points in the quarter, while Nathan chipped in 4 points of his own. Cannon England made a couple of nice passes from the wing to Nathan for his baskets. Andrew Bone and Andrew Appleyard played really good defense and Tan Unique did not score a point the entire second quarter. At the end of the 1st half, we held a 11-0 lead.

     Nathan and Parker made free throws for us at the half, while Tan Unique could not manage to get one to go down. It seemed they had a lid on their basket. The 3rd quarter we really put this one away for good. Connor Brady drove to the lane for a nice basket and Parker sank a short jumper to extend our lead to 17-0. Tan Unique finally managed a free throw to get on the baord and after 3 quarters of play we held a comfortable 17-1 lead.

     The final quarter we got to really get a lot of young kids some playing time. Andrew Bone would score his first basket of the season off an offensive rebound. Marlon Briggs would also sink a short jumper to extend our lead to 21-1. Tan would score another free throw and this one would mercifully come to an end with us notching our 3rd win of the season, 21-2.

     The win moves us to 3-0 on the season as we head into the Christmas break. We will not practice on Monday the 20th, but WILL practice at 6:00pm on Monday the 27th. See you all then and have a blessed Christmas!



Eunices stays hot with 23-3 win over Morton!

Well we moved to 4-0 on the season tonight with a 23-3 win over Morton Denistry. We shook off the rust from the holiday break and ran some of the turkey and ham we ate off out there tonight. We started out a bit slow as we were very sloppy in the opening quarter. On most trips down the floor we missed several shots from right under the basket. We did a good job of fighting for offensive rebounds but couldn't get our shots to fall. Many times we were rushing our shots and for a minute I thought we were going to break the backboard. Connor Brady would score a couple of baskets and Marlon Briggs would add one of his own to give us a 6-0 lead after one quarter of play.

     The 2nd quarter we calmed down a bit and did a much better job of using our screens and running our offense. Parker Wehunt was awesome in the quarter. He knocked down three shots and built our lead to 12-0. Nathan Appleyard added a free thorw before the half to gove us a 13-0 lead at half-time. We did not manage to knock down a single free throw at the half, while Morton got three to fall. Heading into the 3rd quarter we still held a comfortable 13-3 lead.

     The final two quarters we would get a lot of playing time for all the kids. Connor knocked down a couple more shots and Parker would sink another jumper from the wing and suddenly we had a 19-3 lead. The final quarter both teams exchanged a lot of turnovers and this one would mercifully come to an end with us notching the 23-3 win. The win moves us to 4-0 on the season and 3-0 in league play. We face our toughest test of the season on Saturday against a very good JMAC team.

     We were led in scoring tonight by Parker's 10 points and 7 rebounds. He was the best player on the floor out there tonight! Connor added 8 points and a couple of boards. Nathan added 3 points and Marlon would knock down 2 points, while grabbing a team high 9 rebounds. All the kids really hustled and played well on defense. Get you some rest on Friday night and be ready for a dog fight on Saturday morning.



Eunices Week 4 - Player of the Week - Parker Wehunt
Parker Wehunt

Our player of the week for week 4 of the season is Parker Wehunt. We had two games this week and Parker was awesome in both of them. Against Morton he had 10 points and 7 rebounds. Then on Saturday he came back and scored 8 points and hd 3 boards against a good JMAC team. Wow, what a week he had. Parker has stepped up lately and become a real leader for our team. Great job Parker, we are very proud of you!


Eunices stays un-defeated with 24-8 win over JMAC!
ball on fire

Well, this was not expected to say the least. I have watched JMAC over the last few weeks and they have been playing as well as anyone in the league. They are very well coached by Coach Chris and Coach Doug, two very good friends of mine. I really thought we were in for a big time battle in this one. I told the kids before the game that this would be our toughest test to date and boy was our kids up to the challenge!

     The opening quarter would see both teams play very good defense. Connor Brady would score a couple of baskets for us in the paint to give us an early 4-0 lead. Our defense was all over JMAC and did not let their point guard, Ethan Arnold get much going offensively. We were really playing what we call "mad dog" defense! Connor would score on a fast break lay-up right before the end of the quarter and we would hold a 6-0 lead after the first 6 minutes of play.

     The 2nd quarter our defense did not let up a bit. Parker Wehunt would sink a couple of short jumpers and suddenly we held a 10-0 lead. Nathan Appleyard would score a basket off an offensive rebound and this one was getting out of hand at 12-0. JMAC had no answer for our defense and we would cruise into half-time with a big lead.

     JMAC knocked down two free throws at the half, while we made three. Marlon Briggs, Nathan Appleyard and Andrew Bone all sank their free throws and heading into the final half of play we held a comfortable 15-2 lead. The 3rd quarter we put this one away. Parker scored on a couple of short jumpers and Connor would extend our lead to 21-6 with a layup. Nathan scored off an offensive rebound and we would lead 23-6 heading into the final quarter of play.

     Both teams let their 1st graders play the final quarter and we would cruise to the easy 24-8 win. We played probably our best game of the season today and JMAC may have played their worst. We had a lot to do with that, but they are a much better team than they showed out there today. Great job to both teams.


Eunices Week 5 - Player of the Week - Marlon Briggs
Marlon Briggs

Our player of the week for week 5 of the season is Marlon Briggs. Marlon was one of the few that could make some shots on Saturday as we missed close to 25 lay-ups. Marlon finished the game with 6 points and 5 rebounds. He is a pleasure to be around and coach and always gives 110%. Great job to Marlon "smiley" Briggs for being named player of the week!



Eunices can't buy a basket but still wins, 19-8!
ball around rim

Since I was out of town and not able to be at the game on Saturday, there's not a whole lot I can say. The main thing I was told by Coach Scott and Chris was that we probably missed 25 lay-ups in the game. You can bet that will be a focus in practice on Monday night. From the looks of the score sheet, we were in good shape with a 7-0 lead at the end of the 1st quarter and things went south from there. National Family had pulled within 10-6 by the half but we finally got some shots to go down in the 2nd half and held on for the 19-8 victory. We have some tough games these next few weeks and if we continue to miss easy shots, it could get ugly. See you at practice on Monday night.



Eunices Week 6 - Player of the Week - Nathan Appleyard
Nathan Appleyard

Our player of the week for week 6 of the season is Nathan Appleyard. While Nathan did not score in our game today, he did have 5 rebounds and played great defense on maybe the best big man in our league in Jack Hannan. Nathan made it very difficult for Sharum to get the ball to Jack and held him without a field goal the entire game. Great job this week Nathan, we are very proud of you!



Eunices stays unbeaten in defensive brawl with Sharum!
smiley with ball

I knew going into this game it was going to be a hard fought battle. Sharum is a good team and well coached. They have some very physical kids that play tough defense. This game was pretty ugly most of the time. Neither team could get much going on offense and the game was full of fouls, turnovers and jump balls. In the end our offense did a little more than theirs did and we were able to hold on for a 16-6 win.

     The opening quarter was a mixture of turnovers, jump balls and rough physical defense. Sharum took the early 2-0 lead on two free throws from Carter Wood. Connor Brady would tie the game for us as he scored on a driving layup. We would take a 3-2 lead after a free throw from Connor and that's the way the quarter would end.

     The 2nd quarter both teams continued to struggle on offense. Both defenses were playing very rough and the refs let the game get out of hand at times. The only points of the quarter would be a Parker Wehunt bucket to give us a 5-2 lead at the half. We hit 4 free throws at half, as Connor Brady, Cameron Lewis, Parker Wehunt and Cannon England all stepped up and sank their shots to extend out lead to 9-2. Sharum hit three free thows and this was a 9-5 game heading into the 3rd quarter of play.

     The 3rd quarter we were able to get our offense going a bit. Connor got a couple of good screens from Cameron and drove to the hole for two baskets in the quarter. Bryce Caldwell sank a free throw to extend our lead to 14-6 heading into the final 5 minutes of play. Both teams really cleared their benches in the final period and had a lot of 1st graders on the floor. Cannon England played point guard once again for us as he prepares for that role next season. Parker would round out our scoring with a basket in the quarter and we would notch the 16-6 win. Our defense did not allow Sharum to make a single field goal in the entire game. All their points came from the free throw line. Great job to our kids for playing their hearts out. I seen a lot of kids diving on the floor and busting it out there today.

     The win moves us to 7-0 overall and 6-0 in league play. Dating back to the 2008-09 season, we have won 24 league games in a row and will look to make it 25 this week versus a scrappy Celtics team. See you all Monday at practice.



Eunices Week 7 - Player of the Week - Cannon England

Our player of the week for this week is Cannon England. Cannon did not sore in the game today versus the Celtics, but he played really good defense and grabbed down a couple of rebounds. He is a really good player and even a better kid. He is very coachable and always gives 110%. He did a good job at point guard in the 4th quarter for us today. Every time I put him at that position he gets better and better. I told him that is where he will be next year along with Connor. Great job Cannon, we are very proud of you!



Eunices delivers knock out blow to Celtics, 26-10!

I really challenged the kids before the game to go out in this one and play better defense than we had been playing the last few games. I have been seeing a lot of reaching and slapping instead of moving our feet. I was proud of how aggressive we came out in this game and did not commit a lot of fouls. We did a much better job of keeping our man in front of us and beating them to the spot. The result would be another blowout win 26-10. The win moves us to 8-0 overall and 7-0 in league play. It runs our league win streak to 25 games in a row, dating back to the 2008-09 season.

     We came out in this game and really let the Celtics know that scoring was not going to be easy against us in this one. Our guards did not let the Celtics get to the 3-point line before we had tied them up or taken the ball from them. Offensively we were running fast breaks and getting easy shots on most trips down the floor. Connor Brady scored 8 points in the quarter and Parker Wehunt added 3 of his own. Marlon Briggs and Bryce Caldwell both added a basket in the quarter and to be honest, this one was over after the first 5 minutes of play. At the end of the opening quarter we held a 15-2 lead.

     The 2nd quarter we got the ball inside to our big man Nathan Appleyard for a couple of easy baskets and suddenly it was 19-2. Celtics scored a bucket right before the half and going into the break we held a huge 19-4 lead. Marlon was the only player we had to make his free throw and the Celtics knocked down a couple to pull within 20-6 heading into the 3rd quarter. 

      The 3rd quarter both teams turned the ball over a bunch and it got ugly out there sometimes. We did get a basket from Bryce and a couple of baskets from Parker. By the end of the quarter we had extended our lead to 26-6. The final quarter we let our 1st graders run the show and they did a good job defensively. They did struggle to score, but we had more than enough points in this one already. It ended with us notching the 26-10 victory. The win keeps us in a 1st place tie with Gean Law. That showdown will occur in a couple of weeks. We will return to action next Saturday at 10:00am versus a good Speedy Tire team. See you all then!


Eunices advances to "Elite 8" of City Tourney!

Wow, what can you say about this one! We found ourselves down 13-8 heading into the final quarter and things looked to be pretty dim. That's when our kids rallied and found just enough left in the tank to outscore Cedric Music 9-0 in the final 5 minutes of the game to pull off an amazing 17-13 win. It was our 3rd straight game without our leading scorer, Connor Brady, but we had a lot of kids up to the challenge tonight. Parker Wehunt really put the team on his back in the final quarter offensively. He scored 7 of his game high 11 points in the final quarter alone. Our defense was awesome the entire game. Our kids just played their hearts out tonight and I could not be prouder of them!

We got incredible defensive performances from Bryce Caldwell, Marlon Briggs, Parker Wehunt, Cannon England, Cameron Lewis and Nathan Appleyard. Nathan also scored 4 points in the game and had a team high 8 rebounds. He really came through for us tonight. The win moves us into the "Elite 8" of the City tournament where we will face the #4 seed from Stephens, Smith-Nissan on Thursday at 5:30. Be ready for another war on Thursday night!



Eunices defeats Smith-Nissan, advances to City "Final 4"
Final 4 bounce

We came out tonight and put the clamps on Smith-Nissan defensively and let our defense fuel our offense. The kids were really ready to play, as they welcomed Connor Brady back from his shoulder injury. We really smoothered Smith in the opening quarter and behind Bryce Caldwell, we held a 6-2 lead after the first quarter of play. Bryce had 4 points and 4 rebounds in the quarter. Parker Wehunt would sink a long jumper for our other points in the quarter.

     The 2nd quarter we continued to keep the defensive pressure on. Offensively we got careless with the ball at times and could have built a bigger lead than we did. Marlon Briggs and Connor Brady would both hit shots to give us a 10-4 lead at the half. Parker, Bryce and Cannon would all hit their free throw at the half, while Smith could not get a single one to fall, so we lead 13-4 heading into the 3rd quarter.

     The 3rd quarter we would put this one away. Our defense was forcing Smith into taking terrible shots that were not close. Marlon and Connor would score another basket each and our lead had grown to 18-4 by the end of the quarter. The final quarter we coasted and both teams cleared their bench. The buzzer would sound on this one and we had secured a spot in the "Final 4" with a 20-6 victory.

     We were led in scoring by three different players. Connor, Parker and Bryce all had 5 points. Marlon added 4 and Cannon added a single point to round out our scoring. All the kids played great defensively and Smith did not know what had hit them after this one. It sure was sweet revenge to beat them after they knocked us out of this same tournament last year. The win moves us to 12-1 on the season and a date against #1 Lincoln Echo from Stephens tomorrow night. See you all there at 6:30. Great job tonight guys!



2010-11 FINAL Goldtrap Rinky Dink Standings

                                       League                 Overall

Gean Law                          9-0                      10-0

Eunices                             8-1                       9-1

JMAC                              7-2                       7-3

Sharum Landscaping           6-3                       7-3

Speedy Tire                      5-4                       6-4

Morton Denistry                3-6                       3-7

National Family                  3-6                       3-7

Celtics                              2-7                        2-8

Tan Unique                        1-8                         2-8

Eastside Animal                 1-8                         1-9


2010-11 Goldtrap Rinky Dink Basketball Scores

Week 1 (Non-conference Games)

Gean Law - 21            JMAC - 4

Eunices - 29              Morton Denistry - 12

Speedy Tires - 4       National Family - 3

Tan Unique - 13         Eastside Animal - 9

Sharum - 9                Celtics - 3


Week 2 

Sharum - 14                Celtics - 9

JMAC - 23                Morton Denistry - 9

Gean Law - 26            National Family - 15

Eunices - 29               Eastside Animal - 5

Celtics - 11                 Tan Unique - 7

Sharum - 12                Speedy Tire - 11      


Week 3 

Gean Law - 12              JMAC - 11

JMAC - 26                 Eastside Animal - 6

Gean Law - 25             Sharum Landscaping - 4

Eunices - 21                 Tan Unique - 2

Speedy Tire - 18          Celtics - 5

Morton Denistry - 13    National Family - 6    


Week 4 

Eunices - 23                Morton Denistry - 3 

Eunices - 24                JMAC - 8

Gean Law - 23             Celtics - 2

Speedy Tire - 10         Tan Unique - 8

National Family - 9      Eastside Animal - 4  

Sharum - 13                 Morton Denistry - 5   


Week 5 

Speedy Tire - 8          National Family - 7

Sharum - 11                 Eastside Animal - 8

Eunices - 19                National Family - 8

Celtics - 15                 Morton Denistry - 13 

JMAC - 19                 Tan Unique - 9

Gean Law - 23             Speedy Tire - 6


Week 6 

Tan Unique - 14           Eastside Animal - 6

Eunices - 16                Sharum - 6

Speedy Tire - 11         Morton Denistry - 6 

JMAC - 19                  National Family - 6 

Gean Law - 31              Tan Unique - 10

Eastside Animal - 11      Celtics - 6


Week 7 

Gean Law - 33             Morton Denistry - 13

Eunices - 26                Celtics - 10

JMAC - 24                 Sharum Landscaping - 15

National Family - 14     Tan Unique - 10

Speedy Tire - 11           Eastside Animal - 8


Week 8 

JMAC - 32                   Celtics - 6

Eunices - 11                   Speedy Tire - 9

Morton Denistry - 18     Tan Unique - 5

Gean Law - 25                Eastside Animal - 6

Sharum Land - 19            National Family - 16


Week 9 

National Family - 18        Celtics - 11

Morton Denistry - 21      Eastside Animal - 6

JMAC - 19                     Speedy Tire - 13

Sharum Land - 14            Tan Unique - 9

Gean Law - 23                 Eunices - 16