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Eunices Game Schedule Released - Click here!
Walking ball

Click the link above to see our complete 2013-14 Eunice's game schedule. All games will be played at Goldtrap, with the exception of the game on Saturday, December 14th. It is being played at Stephens boys/Girls Club, located at 3101 North 6th Street in Fort Smith. 


Please have your child at the gym 30 minutes prior to game start time.



Eunices releases mad dog defense on Sykes
mad dog

We talk all the time in practice about playing defense like a mad, hungry dog and the other team has our bone.... and we want it back! That's how we played today in our game versus Sykes. Our defense was very aggressive and Sykes had a tough team even getting shots off. We came out early and attacked them and never looked back. Andrew Reeder got us going in the opening quarter with a couple of early baskets. Dylan Curtis was doing a good job running the point guard position and found Andrew open for four quick points. Our defense refused to let Sykes get near the basket for much of the quarter. When they did get a shot off it came no where near the basket. Andrew would sink a couple of free throws and knock down a jumper to extend our lead to 8-0 by the end of the quarter. Our defense was smoothering the entire quarter. Andrew, Dylan, Alex Flake, Michael Freitheim and Jace Jackson really were all over the floor and made Sykes dread crossing half court against our pressure defense.

     The 2nd quarter we struggled to score but our defense kept the pressure on. We got some good looks at the basket, but could not get our shots to go down. Eric Ramirez and McClane Moody both had steals and fast break lay-ups but rushed their shots and missed some easy opportunities to score. Sykes would manage a basket at the very end of the quarter to pull within 8-2 at the half. At half-time we sank four free throws, while Sykes did not get a single one to go down. Jace, Connor, Dylan and Michael all hit their free throws to extend our lead to 12-2.

     The final two quarter we would keep the defensive pressure on and Sykes continued to turn the ball over on most trips down the floor. If we would had made our open lay-ups, we might have scored 50 points today. We seemed to get in a hurry and just rushed many of our easy shots. Eric and McClane did manage to come up with steals and finish the break with baskets to extend our lead to 16-4. Dylan hit a free throw to round out our scoring in this one and we would come away with a 17-4 win.

     We have a lot of work to do on offense but me and Coach Dylan are very happy with the way the kids played today on defense. I love how hard they played and the hustle they showed on the court. Great job today Eunices!




Eunices Week 1 - Player of the Week - Andrew Reeder
Andrew Reeder


Our week 1 player of the week is Andrew Reeder. He was awesome today in our game versus Sykes. He scored 8 points and had 10 rebounds. He was incredible on defense and had probably at least a dozen steals in the game. He caused all sorts of problems for the Sykes guards. He was all over the floor with his hustle and effort out there. We are very proud of the way he played today. Great job Andrew!





Eunices shakes off rust and pulls away from Sharum, 25-11
Smiley Christmas

Boy, we sure couldn't get any shots to fall early in this one and it took a while for us to get going. Once we got things rollin, our defense lead to some easy baskets for our offense and we would go on a big run to put the game away. Let's see how it all went down.

The opening quarter we came out and was all over Sharum defensively, but we missed at least six layups on fast breaks. We were getting easy shots on every trip down the floor but just couldn't get anything to go in the basket. Our defense did not let Sharum near their bucket for the entire quarter, as they only got off three shots in the first 5 minutes of play. Andrew Reeder did knock down a couple of shots to give us a 4-0 lead by the end of the quarter.

The 2nd quarter was much of the same as the opening quarter. We kept getting easy shots but just could not buy a bucket. Andrew sank a free throw and that would be our only points in the quarter. Sharum did manage a basket very late in the quarter and would pull within 5-2 by the half. Sharum knocked down three free throws at halftime, while Andrew and Alex Flake were the only players to hit for us. Heading into the 3rd quarter we held a slim 7-5 lead.

The 3rd quarter we really picked up our defensive pressure and finally got some shots to fall. Dylan Curtis would sink a couple of jumpers and McClane Moody would also sink a 15-footer to extend our lead to 13-5. We were forcing Sharum into turnovers or very bad shots on most trips down the floor and that lead to a couple of easy baskets by Andrew Reeder and Keaton Kennon. By the end of the 3rd we had outscored Sharum 10-0 in the quarter and suddenly we had a comfortable 17-5 lead.

The final quarter we made sure everyone got plenty of playing time and would cruise to a 25-11 win. Keaton would knock down a shot after a great pass by Alex Flake. Connor McCoy would then score his first points of the season and Keaton would strike again to extend our lead to 23-9. Dylan would hit another jumper to round out our scoring in this one. While it took us a while to get things going today, once we did, this one was not really close. Great job by all the kids today, as they all played very well defensively. We must get more of them involved on the offensive end of the floor. We do not have just one superstar, so our scoring must come from a little bit of everywhere.

We will be off the entire week of Christmas and return to practice on Monday, December 30th @ 6pm. See you all then. Hope you all have a very blessed and merry Christmas!




Eunices Week 2 - Players of the Week - Dylan & Keaton
KEaton & Dylan

We had two different players that really stood out in our game on Saturday versus Sharum. Keaton Kennon and Dylan Curtis both had very good games and were named our week 2 players of the week. Keaton finished the game with 6 points and 3 rebounds, while playing great defense on the wing and down low. Keaton always gives 110% and has really improved from last season. Dylan Curtis is our main point guard and did a really good job of taking care of the ball on Saturday. He is our best shooter on the team and finished with 6 points and 2 rebounds in the game. We really need to get he and Keaton more shots in the games, so that's going to be a focus in our next practice. Great job Dylan and Keaton, we are very proud of you!



Eunices loses a close one to JMAC, 17-15
ball on rim

Well, it was one of those games that you wish you could have played a different week in the schedule. We came into the game missing one of best defensive players in Eric Rameriez and Andrew Reeder was not even close to 100% as he had been fighting the flu all week. Seems everytime we play JMAC we are missing players and don't get to play them at full strength. The kids played really hard and I was proud of how hard they fought but in the end we lost a close one 17-15.

The opening quarter both teams were playing really tough defense and scoring was tough. We forced numerous turnovers but could not convert them into points. We once again missed several layups that would come back to haunt us later in the game. JMAC scored a couple of baskets off offensive rebounds to take a slim 4-0 lead after one quarter of play. They are just as limited as we are on offense and do not have a lot of players that can get the ball in the hole. The 2nd quarter we would heat up a little bit and would take our first lead of the game. McClane Moody and Alex Roper would both sink short jumpers to tie the game at 4. Connor McCoy would then score on an offensive rebound to give us a 6-4 lead at the half. Andrew Reeder, Jace Jackson and McClane Moody all sank free throws at the half, while JMAC would sink two. Heading into the 3rd quarter we had a 9-6 lead but I could tell Andrew was gonna have a tough time staying on the court.

 The 3rd quarter we finally got Dylan Curtis free for an open jump shot and he would hit it to give us a 11-8 lead. Our defense would then breakdown on a couple of possessions and JMAC would break free for a couple of easy baskets to tie the game at 11. After a basket by Andrew, JMAC would score off an offensive rebound to tie the game at 13 heading into the 4th quarter. The final quarter we seemed to get a little tired from battling the much bigger JMAC team on the glass and they would score a couple of easy baskets on offensive boards. With JMAC leading 17-15, Andrew stole the ball and had a wide open layup that rimmed out and that would be the story for us in this game. Too many missed shots and a couple of breakdowns on defense would allow this one to slip away and JMAC came away with a hard fought 17-15 win. I was proud of the kids effort but we must correct some things in practice on Monday before another tough game next week against Morton.




Eunices Week 3 - Player of the Week - Michael Fretheim

Our player of the week for week 3 of the season is Michael Fretheim. Michael had a really tough task in the game on Saturday. He had to guard the best big man in the league in John Parkenston. Michael did a really good job staying on John like glue and made it close to impossible for JMAC to get the ball inside to him. Michael didn't score but had a couple of rebounds in the game, but his defense really helped to keep us in the game and gave us a great chance to win. Good job Michael, we are very proud of you!




Eunices wins a slugfest over Morton, 13-9

Man if you like physical play and tough defense, then this was the game for you. There was not a lot of points scored by either team but both teams played very well defensively. The opening quarter was more like a boxing match than a basketball game. Both teams were making it really tough for the other team to score and the result would be a 2-0 Morton lead at the end of the quarter. We missed several easy shots in the quarter, but when you only give up two points in five minutes, that's pretty good.

The 2nd quarter our defense got even more aggressive and I'm not sure that Morton got off more than two shots the entire quarter. Eric Ramirez stole the ball for us and made a couple of easy layups to give us a 4-2 lead by by the half. It was nice to have Eric back from a 2-game abscence. We really missed his defense and aggression he brings to our team. Alex Flake, McClane Moody and Connor McCoy all made free throws at half-time, while Morton sank two to make it a 7-4 Eunices lead heading into the 3rd quarter.

Our defense remained aggressive but so did Morton's. There was only one point scored in the entire quarter as Morton sank a free throw to pull within 7-5. Our defense was causing numerous turnovers and jump balls but we just couldn't get any shots to fall on our end of the floor. The final quarter we finally hit a few baskets and was able to pull away a bit for the 4-point win. Dylan Curtis sank a jump shot and hit a free throw to give us a 11-5 lead. After a Morton basket, Andrew Reeder would steal the ball on their next possession and hit his layup while being fouled to give us a 13-7 lead. Our defense held Morton to just one basket the final two minutes and we would escape with a 13-9 win. As they say, it was not pretty but it was a win. Great job today guys!



Eunices Week 4 - Player of the Week - McClane Moody
McClane Moody


Our player of the week for week 4 of the season is McClane Moody. He played really good defense in the game versus Morton and had a really tough player to guard most of the game. McClane shut him down and it was a big reason we won the game on Saturday. McClane finished with 1 point and 4 rebounds, but caused numerous turnovers and jump balls with his hustle on defense. Great job McClane, we are very proud of you!




Eunices upsets Gean Law 21-19!
smiley face

Going into this game, Gean Law was looking like the best team at Goldtrap this year. They beat JMAC last Saturday and was undefeated on the season. They have two terrific scorers in Easton Harless and Evan Shelby. I knew we were in for a battle stopping those two along with the other good players they have. We would come out on Saturday and play our best game of the season on both ends of the floor and the result would be a hard fought 21-19 win over a very good Gean Law team. Let's see how it all went down!

Gean Law had not faced a team as aggressive as we are on defense and you could tell early on that would really cause them problems. Our defense was maybe the best it has been all season long. We were not allowing penetration into our zone and the kids were really hustling all over the floor. Dylan Curtis, Andrew Reeder and Alex Flake were causing all sorts of problems for the Gean Law guards. Michael Fretheim and Jace Jackson had control of the paint and Gean Law did not get off many good shots the entire quarter. Andrew Reeder sank a free throw and then hit a short jumper to give us an early 3-0 lead. Gean Law would then tie it up with a 3-point play but our kids would answer as Andrew sank another basket to give us a 5-3 lead after one quarter of play.

The 2nd quarter both defenses stepped it up even more. We struggled to get the ball in the hole as we missed several easy shots. Evan Shelby would tie the game at 5 with a nice move to the basket. The rest of the quarter would be a series of turnovers and missed shots by both teams. I was glad to head into the halftime with the score being tied at 5. Dylan Curtis, Alex Flake, McClane Moody, Eric Ramirez and Alex Roper would all sink free throws at the half but Gean Law would sink four of their own to make it a 10-9 game heading into the 3rd quarter. 

The 3rd quarter would be lots of fun to watch as both teams were battling their hearts out on the floor. We would take a 14-9 lead after a couple of baskets by Michael Fretheim. Just when it looked as if we were ready to really take control of the game, we would have a couple of mistakes on defense that would cost us a couple of baskets. Suddenly Gean Law was back in the game at 14-13. Both teams would score another basket by the end of the quarter and this one looked to be going down to the wire.

The final quarter would be a battle the entire way. Gean Law would take their first lead of the game after a basket to begin the 4th quarter. But once again our kids kept battling as McClane Moody would sink a jumper to give us the lead back at 18-17. For the next couple of minutes both teams missed shots and turned the ball over a few times. Late in the game both teams exchanged free throws and the score would be tied at 19 with less than 30 seconds remaining. We called a play from the sideline and the kids ran it to perfection. The result would be an easy two points by Eric Ramirez to give us a 21-19 lead with seconds reamaining. Gean Law would call a timeout and set up a play but their 3-pointer rimmed out and we would grab the rebound as the buzzer sounded. Our kids had pulled out the 21-19 win moving us to 4-1 on the season and in a 4-way tie for 1st place in the league standings.

Great job to all our kids in this one. We did have three players that did not get back in the game in the 2nd half and I promised them after the game that they would see a lot of playing time in the game next week versus Eastside. See you all Monday, 6pm at practice. 




Eunices Week 5 - Player of the Week - Eric Ramirez
Eric Ramirez


Our player of the week for week 5 of the season is Eric Ramirez. Eric played a great game on Saturday versus Gean Law. He not only hit the game winning shot with 17 seconds left but his defense was a big reason we won the game. He finished the game with 4 points and 5 rebounds but his defense is what really made the difference in this one. He had to guard one of Gean Law's best players much of the game and totally shut him down. Great job Eric, we are very proud of you!





Eunices runs away from Eastside Animal 24-3!
ball on fire

In a game that tough to watch at times, we came out and really attacked Eastside Animal defensively and they had no answer. I felt bad for them as they had trouble getting the ball anywhere close to the goal for much of the game. Our kids played great defense and made life miserable for the poor Eastside team. Coach Dylan has done a good job with that team, as they lost their coach several weeks ago. Dylan was asked to take it over and of course he could not say no to the kids. They are a very young team and have literally no one that has played before. He has got them to give 100% and play hard, so that's a step in the right direction.

In the opening quarter we had at least a dozen steals. Andrew Reeder, Alex Flake and Dylan Curtis each had numerous steals. We missed some easy shots but still had a comfortable 6-0 lead at the end of the quarter. All 6 points came from baskets by Andrew Reeder. The 2nd quarter would be much of the same. Our defense stole the ball as soon as they crossed half-court. Eric Ramirez scored 6 points in the quarter and McClane Moody laid one in after a steal of his own. By the end of the quarter it was a 14-0 Eunices lead. At half-time we sank four free throws to extend our lead to 18-0. Dylan, Alex Flake, Jace Jackson and Connor McCoy all hit their freebie to help extend our lead. Eastside hit three of their free throws to get on the board.

The 3rd & 4th quarter we got to play some kids that had not been seeing as much playing time as some of the rest of the kids. Alex Roper did a great job playing point guard and either drove for an easy bucket or got the ball to an open man. Connor McCoy was a warrior on the boards as he grabbed down 9 rebounds in the second half alone. Alex Flake had a couple of very nice drives to the basket but couldn't get his shots to fall. He did a super job on defense and had 6 big rebounds in the second half. Keaton Kennon would score a basket late in the game and he also played very well defensively. Jace Jackson did not score but he did a really good job on defense. I take that back..... Jace did score but mean ole referee Doug Wyatt called the basket off for traveling :). It was good to see these kids play so well and I'm proud of their efforts. The game would end with us winning 24-3 and moving to 5-1 on the season. We return to action next Saturday at 11am versus a very good Celtics team. See you all at practice on Monday at 6:00.



Eunices Week 6 - Player of the Week - Alex Roper
Alex Roper


Our player of the week for this week is Alex Roper. Alex had a really good game today versus Eastside Animal. He scored 4 points and had 6 big rebounds. He played point guard the entire 3rd & 4th quarter and did a great job of taking care of the ball. He had a couple of nice assists and also drove to the hole for a couple of easy baskets. Alex is a fun kid and always gives his best. Great job this week Alex, we are very proud of you!