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This is a site for players, parents and fans of the Eunices Rinky Dink Basketball Team of Goldtrap/Gardner Boys Club in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Our mission is to teach the kids solid basketball fundamentals that will enable them to improve their skills and enjoyment of the game. Although we will attempt to be competitive in all our games, our number one goal is for the kids to have fun, whether we win or lose. Our second goal is to develop an understanding of the importance of being a TEAM. We want them to know that we win as a team and we lose as a team. Hope you enjoy the site!!


2014 FSBGC Rinky Dink City Tournament


Click the handout below to see the complete 2014 Rinky Dink City Tournament bracket. 

The tourney is now down to the FINAL FOUR teams, with three of those teams being from our Goldtrap league. Congrats to JMAC, Celtics and Morton for making the City Tourney final four.  The other team in there is the defending City Champs from last season, Noon Lions from Evans. Congrats to all teams and good luck!




Handout: 2014 Rinky Dink Tourney

Eunices makes early exit from City Tourney


On a night were we just didn't show up at all, we lost 30-20 to Lovvorn Lumber from Evans Boys/Girls Club. We played by far our worst game of the season and it's hard to even write anything positive about the game. I felt like our effort was not there and that was the most disappointing thing for me as a coach. We beat 4 or 5 teams this season much better than the Lovvorn team we lost to. The kids just didn't seem to be into the game at all, especially in the first half. They were worried about the floor being slick and just the fact that we were playing somewhere other than Goldtrap seemed to blow their minds a bit. It was a weird night, as even on the bench the guys just didn't seem to care much about being there.

I'm proud of the season we had and I know the kids had a good time. They are a great bunch of kids and were a joy to be around and coach. We just picked a terrible time to have a bad night. Great season Eunices and see you all at the team party!



Eunices Week 9 - Player of the Week - Jace Jackson



Our player of the week for the final week of the regular season is Jace Jackson. Jace had 5 rebounds in the game today versus Carman Trucking and played great defense. He had several steals in the game. While he didn't get any shots to go down he got off some good looks at the basket, but all rimmed out. Jace was really into the game today and was hustling all over the floor. Great job Jace, we are very proud of you!



Eunices clinches share of League Title!


A lot was on the line today in our game versus Carman Trucking. JMAC had barely escaped Robin's Lawns earlier in the day 30-26, so we had to get a win to clinch a share of the league championship. Our kids came out and really totally dominated the Carman team. Our defense was stifling and Carman had trouble just getting shots off. The 1st quarter we spent much of the quarter doing lay-up drills. Our defense was stepping in front of passes and starting our breaks. Alex Flake, Michael Fretheim and McClane Moody had several steals in the quarter. Andrew Reeder was all over the Carman point guard and played great defense without fouling. Andrew would score 5 points in the quarter and McClane would add 4 to give us a 9-1 lead after the 1st quarter of play.

The 2nd quarter we continued to play tough defense but Carman was able to knock down a couple of long jumpers to make the game a little more respectable. Andrew and Eric Ramirez would both hit jumpers in the quarter to extend our lead to 13-1 at one point. Carman would score the last 6 points of the quarter including a long 3-pointer at the half-time buzzer. Suddenly it was a game again at 13-7. McClane, Eric, Connor, Alex Flake and Michael all hit free throws at half, while Carman was only able to hit one. At the start of the 3rd quarter we held a 18-8 lead.

The 3rd quarter neither team was able to get much going on offense. Andrew did sink a jumper early in the quarter and Michael would do the same to extend our lead to 22-9. Alex Roper took over at point guard for most of the quarter and did a great job. He was hitting the open man on most trips down the floor, but we just couldn't get any shots to fall. Alex drove the lane for several easy shots but there seemed to be a lid on the basket for both teams in the quarter. The final quarter we got everyone plenty of playing time and was able to cruise to a 24-15 win.

Several kids really had good games today. Andrew led us with 9 points, while McClane Moody added 5. Eric and Michael both scored three points, while Alex Flake scored a single point. Alex also played very good defense in the game and had several steals. Alex Roper did not score but had 8 rebounds. He was all over the floor on defense and helped us to really shut down the Carman guards. Connor McCoy had 3 points and a team high 10 rebounds. He really played one of his better games of the season today. Keaton Kennon did not score but he also played awesome defense and caused numerous jump balls and had three or four steals in the game. Jace Jackson had his best game of the season with 5 rebounds. He was all around the basket but just couldn't get any of his shots to fall. He really hustled and played good defense down low.

The win gives us a share of the league championship with JMAC. Because JMAC defeated us 17-15 earlier in the season, they will be the #1 seed from Goldtrap. We are the #2 seed and will play on Thursday at 6:30 at Jeffrey Boys/Girls Club. See you all then!



FINAL 2013-14 Goldtrap Rinky Dink Standings

JMAC                       8-1     League Co-Champions

Eunices                     8-1     League Co-Champions

Morton Denistry      6-3

Gean Law                 6-3

Celtics                     5-4 

Robins Lawns           5-4

Carman Trucking     2-7

Sharum                   1-7

Eastside Animal      1-8



Eunices Week 8 - Player of the Week - Connor McCoy



Our player of the week for week 8 of the season is Connor McCoy. He scored 2 points and had 5 rebounds in the game on Saturday versus Robin's Lawns. Connor also played very good defense and caused several jump balls. He has improved with each passing game and has been a fun kid to have on our team. Great job Connor, we are very proud of you!




Eunices hangs on against Robin's 25-20!


I want to say a big thanks to Coach Dylan for coaching the team while I was out of town on Saturday. Looks as if he didn't miss a beat as the guys pulled out a 25-20 win over a good Robin's Lawns team. Coach Dylan said the kids played really well and once again our defense was the key to the win. Andrew Reeder did a great job guarding one of the best players in the league in George Herrell. Michael Fretheim was a beast on the glass as he finished with 14 rebounds. We had 6 players score in the game, led by McClane and Eric, who finished with 7 points each. Alex Roper had a good game with 4 points, 5 rebounds and several steals. Andre Reeder finished with 4 points and 10 rebounds. Connor McCoy ended up with 2 points and 5 rebounds. Dylan Curtis rounded out the scoring with a single point but 6 big rebounds. Once again it looked like a total team effort.

The win keeps us in a 1st place tie in the league standings with JMAC at 7-1. We return to action on Saturday at 12:00 versus Carman Trucking. It will be our last league game as the city tourney starts on Monday the 24th.



Eunices Week 7 - Player of the Week - Alex Flake



Our player of the week for week 7 of the season is Alex Flake. He scored 3 points and had 4 rebounds in the game on Saturday versus Celtics. Along with that he played great defense and helped us to slow down one of the best players in the league in Garrett Scott. Alex has improved with each passing week and is fun to be around and coach. Great job Alex, we are very proud of you!



Eunices 'red hot' shooting leads way past Celtics 35-30!


Wow, to say we were on fire from the field in this game would be an understatement. The kids were sinking shots from all over the place and we took advantage of the Celtics packing in their zone defense. What I was most happy about was that we had 9 players score in the game. What a great effort by all our kids against a good Celtics team, led by maybe the best player in the league in Garrett Scott. Let's see how this all went down.

The Celtics jumped out to a 4-0 lead, as in the first few minutes we had trouble stopping Garrett driving to the hoop. Alex Flake would then sink a jump shot and Andrew Reeder would do the same to tie the game at 4. After a Garrett Scott free throw to put the Celtics up by one, both defense really took over the quarter. The rest of the quarter would be a struggle to score and we would be down one at 5-4 after the 1st quarter of play. 

The 2nd quarter with Scott out of the game our defense really made things difficult for the Celtics. Eric Ramirez and Alex Roper were all over their guards and they had trouble even getting a shot off for much of the quarter. Connor McCoy and McClane Moody shut down any inside game they tried to get going and our defense was awesome in the 2nd quarter. McClane would hit a shot to give us a 6-5 lead. After a Celtics basket off an offensive rebound, Eric would sink a short jumper to put us back ahead for good in this one. We set up a play for Alex Roper and he nailed a short jumper to give us a 10-7 lead. Connor would then score off an offensive rebound and we would be up 12-7 by the half. We sank six free throws at the half and looked to be in control of this one. Dylan, Alex Flake, Alex Roper, Keaton Kennon, Michael Freitheim and Jace Jackson all hit their free throws to give us an 18-7 lead. But the Celtics would come right back and hit 5 of theirs to make it a 18-12 game heading into the 3rd quarter.

The 3rd quarter we caught fire from the field. The Celtics packed in their defense to stop us from driving the lane and we took advantage with some easy jump shots from the wing. Dylan Curtis would torch them for a couple of jumpers to extend our lead to 22-12. After a basket by the Celtics, McClane would hit back-to-back buckets to give us a 26-14 lead. It looked as if the game was well in hand but the Celtics would not go away. Eric would sink another jumper from the wing and we would head into the 4th quarter with a 28-18 lead.

Just when it looked like we had the Celtics put away, here they come again. We subbed and put in a smaller line-up and they started killing us on the offensive boards. They would score 6 quick points and suddenly this was a game again at 28-24. Andrew Reeder would foul out early in the 4th and Alex Roper would replace him. Alex gives us a little more quickness on the floor and he did a great job against Garrett in the quarter. McClane and Eric would stay hot from the floor and would both knock down jumpers to extend our lead to 33-28. Dylan Curtis would sink a few free throws to put this one away and our kids came away with a hard fought 35-30 win. We really played good on both sides of the ball. It may have been our best overall game of the season. I could not be prouder of the kids for their effort in this one. The win moves us to 6-1 on the season and in a 1st place tie for JMAC in the league standings.



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Goldtrap Rinky Dink Basketball Scores

*Denotes = Non-conference game 

Week 1

Gean Law - 29                Robin's Lawns - 17

Carman Trucking - 21     Eastside Animal - 8

JMAC - 33                     Sharum Landscaping - 2

Morton Denistry - 17     Celtics - 5

*Eunices - 17                  Sykes - 4


 Week 2

Celtics - 17                     Carman Truckinh - 14

Eunices - 25                   Sharum Landscaping - 11               

JMAC - 20                     Morton Denistry - 15

Robin's Lawns - 23         Eastside Animal - 5

*Gean Law - W               Alma Health - L 


Week 3

JMAC - 17                       Eunices - 15

Gean Law - 30                 Sharum Landscaping - 9      

Celtics - 35                     Robin's Lawns - 33

Morton Denistry - 25     Carman Trucking - 13

*Eastside Animal - 18     Cedric's Music - 8


Week 4

Sharum Landscaping - 11   Eastside Animal - 6

Gean Law - 21                    JMAC - 18

Robin's Lawns - 27            Carman Trucking - 17

Eunices - 13                      Morton Denistry - 9

*Children Paradise - W     Celtics - L             


 Week 5

JMAC - 31                      Eastside Animal - 13

Eunices - 21                    Gean Law - 19

Celtics - 29                    Sharum Landscaping - 9

Robin's Lawns - 28        Morton Denistry - 21

*Carman Trucking - L    AOG - W 


 Week 6

Carman Trucking - 18     Sharum Landscaping - 10

JMAC - 32                     Celtics - 20

Morton Denistry - 20     Gean Law - 16   

Eunices - 24                   Eastside Animal - 3

*Robin's Lawns - W        Gerber - L          


Week 7 

Robin's Lawns - 33         Sharum Landscaping - 14

Gean Law - 21                 Eastside Animal - 10

Eunices - 35                   Celtics - 30

JMAC - 20                     Carman Trucking - 6

*Morton Denistry - W    Smith-Nissan - L     


 Week 8  

Gean Law - 25                 Carman Trucking - 13

Celtics - 34                     Eastside Animal - 14

Morton Denistry - 29      Sharum Landscaping - 19

Eunices - 25                    Robin's Lawns - 20

*JMAC - 33                    Smith-Nissan - 28 


Week 9   

JMAC - 30                     Robin's Lawns - 26

Morton Denistry - 35     Eastside Animal - 8

Celtics - 39                    Gean Law - 22

Eunices - 24                   Carman Trucking - 15 

*Sharum Landscaping vs Sykes