Eunices Rinky Dink Basketball: Welcome

This is a site for players, parents and fans of the Eunices Rinky Dink Basketball Team of Goldtrap/Gardner Boys Club in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Our mission is to teach the kids solid basketball fundamentals that will enable them to improve their skills and enjoyment of the game. Although we will attempt to be competitive in all our games, our number one goal is for the kids to have fun, whether we win or lose. Our second goal is to develop an understanding of the importance of being a TEAM. We want them to know that we win as a team and we lose as a team. Hope you enjoy the site!!


Eunices Team Party - Monday, March 9th @ 6:00pm



Our end of season team party will be held on Monday, March 9th @ 6:00pm at the Monkey House, located at 5504 Wheeler Ave. in Fort Smith. Please wear your team jersey to the party. Kids will play for one hour and then be in the party room for pizza and trophies.

If you have not given Shawn or Robyn Young your $20, please do so at the party. This will pay for the kids trophies, pizza and time at the Monkey House. Any questions, call Robyn at 806-6363.  



Eunices loses heartbreaker to Tankersly, 28-24


Man was this one of those games that you would like to have back! We were the better team, but Tankersly had the best rinky dink player in the city in Cam Massey. This is a kid that scored a whopping 39 points in one game this season and after playing against him, I can see why. It looked like mid-way thru the 3rd quarter we were going to pull away, but Cam made a couple of great plays and this one would go down to the wire.

The opening quarter we came out very flat and was not ourselves at all. We missed so many easy shots under the basket, that would come back to haunt us later on in this one. Defensively we had trouble stopping his quickness and he was getting too many easy looks at the basket. Luckily for us, not many of Cam's shots went in and we were only down 5-2 after the 1st quarter. The 2nd quarter was when I thought we had a good chance to really take over the game with Cam on the bench. We once again came out very flat and did not have much life to us the entire quarter. Keaton Kennon scored our only points of the quarter on a jump shot from the wing. Our defense did a good job on Tankersly and held them to only one basket also. At the half, Tankersly held a 7-4 lead.

Tankersly hit a whopping 6 free throws at the half, while we knocked down 4. Alex, McClane, Jackson and Jordan all sank theirs and Tankersly held a 13-8 lead heading into the 3rd quarter. I really got after the kids somewhat at half-time and urged them to play the way they are capable. We made a little change on defense and it seemed to give Tankersly fits. The 3rd quarter we were finally playing good basketball. McClane was running the point and he drew a ton of attention from their defense. He did a great job of passing off to the open man, which a lot of times was Alex Flake. Alex would score 6 points in the quarter and McClane would add 4 of his own. We had a 20-15 lead and it looked as if we might pull away. Cam then came down and sank a long 3-pointer and then flashed to make a steal and layup to pull them within 20-19 by the end of the quarter.

This one was now a lot of fun as both teams were going at each other with all they had. Keaton knocked down a couple of jumpers for us and the game was tied at 24 with 1:30 to play. Cam then finally found a hole in our defense and would hit an off balance shot from the baseline to give them a 26-24 lead. We would miss two easy shots from point blank range and Tankersly would grab the rebound. With less than 30 seconds left, Cam once again drove and somehow made a crazy shot to put them ahead 28-24. We could not hit another basket and this one would end that way.

We missed at least 15 shots from right under our basket in this game and that would get us beat. I was so very proud of the kids effort in the 2nd half and let them know about it after the game. We played a very good second half and could have and should have won this game. We just couldn't get some easy shots to go down. This does not take away from a great season we had, going 9-2 on the season and making it to the tourney Elite 8. I'm very proud of this team and can't wait until next year.  



2014-15 Rinky Dink City Tourney



The 2014-15 FSBGC Rinky Dink City Tourney is down to the final two teams. Tankersly, which beat us out, will play AOG for the Rinky Dink City Championship. Good luck to both teams.

 You can click the HANDOUT link below to see the tourney bracket. 

Handout: 2014-15 Rinky Dink Tourney

Eunices advances to "Elite 8" of City Tourney!


To say this game was pretty intense would be an understatement. Any time you play a team from the Jeffrey/Stephen's league, you better be ready to withstand their quickness and non-stop harrassing defense. We did that on Saturday and held on for a 21-18 win over Children's Paradise.

The opening quarter both teams were playing extremely tough defense and made it tough to score. McClane Moody finally found a hole in their defense and drove to the hole for a basket and a 2-0 Eunices lead. Children's would then score a basket off an offensive rebound to tie the game. McClane would score again before the end of the quarter and that would be all the scoring. We held a slim 4-2 lead after the first quarter of play. Our defense at the top of our zone was awesome. Alex Flake, Jackson Owens and Jordan Teague did a great job of stopping their guards from penetrating and we forced them into long shots from the perimeter.

The 2nd quarter our defense continued to play well. We finally got things clicking some on offense and was able to free McClane up for a couple of easy baskets. Braden Palmer, Keaton Kennon and Leah Young sealed off the outside and did not allow Children's guards to drive the lane. When they were able to get near the basket, McClane and Keaton blocked their shots and started our breaks to the other end. We would extend our lead to 10-3 by the half and looked to be in good shape.

Children's made five free throws at half-time to pull within 10-8. Alex, McClane and Keaton hit free throws for us and we would hold a 13-8 lead heading into the 3rd quarter. The 3rd quarter our kids seem to get a little tired with the fast pace that Children's was forcing the game to be played at. They hit a couple of shots from the outside and suddenly this was a game again at 15-13.

The final quarter we were able to get baskets from McClane and Keaton to give us a 19-13 lead. After a missed shot by Childrens's, Alex Flake scored from the wing and it looked as if we would cruise to the victory. Not so fast though as Children's then knocked down a long 2-pointer and then sank a 3-pointer to pull within 21-18 with 30 seconds left in the game. We then turned the ball over and they tried a long 3-pointer the hit off the front of the rim. Keaton grabbed down the rebound and we were able to run out the rest of the clock and hold on for the 21-18 win. It was a hard fought win and we now face the #1 seed from Evans on Tuesday at 6:30pm. Be ready for a battle as they have a kid that scored 39 points in one game this season.




Eunices Week 9 - Player of the Week - Brody Boise



Our player of the week for week 9 of the season is Brody Boise. Brody had a good game on Saturday versus the Celtics. He played very good defense and caused a couple of jump balls. Brody is a really great kid and always tries his best for Coach Keith and I. He has been a fun kid to have on the team. Congrats Brody, we are very proud of you!






Moody and Kennon lead comeback over Celtics, 21-20!


It's hard to sit and write about a game that I wasn't even at, but here goes. I have spoken with Coach Keith and several other people about the game on Saturday and let me say, I'm sorry I missed this one. Sounds like the kids played well and gave their usual 110%.

The Celtics came out red hot hitting shots from all over the floor in the opening quarter. Our defense was forcing them into taking long jumpers, but they were knocking them down. Alex Flake would score a basket and knock down a free throw to keep this one close. The Celtics would hold a 8-3 lead after one quarter of play. I was told how good the 2nd quarter team played defensively in this game. It could have gotten out of hand if not for their efforts on defense. There would be not much scoring in the quarter, as the defenses dominated. Keaton Kennon would score on a basket inside to pull us within 11-5 by the half.

The Celtics would hit four free throws at half-time, while we hit four of our own. Alex, McClane, Keaton and Michael all hit their free throws to make it a 15-9 Celtics lead heading into the 2rd quarter. The 3rd quarter would be another one dominated by the defenses. Jackson Owen and McClane Moody would hit shots for us as we were able to chip into the Celtics lead a little. By the end of the 3rd quarter, we had pulled within 18-13.

The final quarter would see our three amigos really take over the game. Keaton, McClane and Alex would lead the comeback and carry us thru. McClane would drive to the hole for a couple of baskets to pull us within 20-19 with less than a minute remaining. After a missed shot by the Celtics, Keaton would hit the game winning shot to give us a 21-20 lead. The Celtics had a chance to take the lead back but they turned the ball over. Alex then would dribble out the rest of the clock and we had pulled out a hard fought 21-20 win.

Like I said before, I'm very sad I missed this one. I want to thank Coach Keith for filling in for me and sounds like he did a great job. We are both very proud of the kids and sure will be sad when this season is over. It's been a fun year with a great group of kids.

We will play in a single elimination city tournament starting on Saturday at 1:00pm. We play the #4 seed from the Jeffrey/Stephens league at Evans Boys/Girls Club. Please be at Evans by 12:30.




FINAL Goldtrap Rinky Dink League Standings

                              League       Overall

Celtics               7-0              8-1

Eunices              6-1              8-1

JMAC                4-3              6-3

Morton              3-4              4-5 

Eastside            3-4              3-5

Carman              2-5              2-6  

Sharum              2-5              2-6

Gean Law           1-6               1-7




Goldtrap Rinky Dink Basketball Scores

Week 1

Morton Denistry - 16            Gean Law - 13

Eunices - 22                          Sharum Landscaping - 1

JMAC - 15                             Carman Trucking - 14

Celtics - 34                           Eastside Animal - 15


Week 2

Morton Denistry - 16            Eastside Animal - 10

JMAC - 24                            Gean Law - 3

Eunices - 29                          Carman Trucking - 14

Celtics - 27                           Sharum Landscaping - 9


Week 3

Carman Trucking - 15            Sharum Landscaping - 8

Celtics - 33                           Morton Denistry - 14

JMAC - 23                            Eastside Animal - 11

Eunices - 28                          Gean Law - 9    


Week 4

Gean Law - 24                      Sharum Landscaping - 15

Eunices - 24                         Eastside Animal - 18 

Celtics - 30                          Carman Trucking - 13 

JMAC - 17                            Morton Denistry - 14            


Week 5

Eunices - 31                          Morton Denistry - 11

Celtics - 25                          JMAC - 18

Eastside Animal - 26           Sharum Landscaping - 24

Carman Trucking - 21           Gean Law - 12     


Week 6

Eastside Animal - 26            Gean Law - 15

Sharum Landscaping - 11       JMAC - 10

Morton Denistry - 16            Carman Trucking - 13 

Celtics - 31                           Eunices - 26                


 Week 7

Eunices - 24                          JMAC - 13

Celtics - 36                           Gean Law - 16

Eastside Animal - 18             Carman Trucking - 14

Sharum Landscaping - 14      Morton Denistry - 12        


Week 8

Morton Denistry - 23           Gean Law - 10

Celtics - 23                          Eastside Animal - 8

Eunices - 32                         Sharum Landscaping - 13

JMAC - 23                           Carman Trucking - 10     


Week 9 (Seed games) 

 #7 Sharum - 17           #8 Gean Law - 16

 #5 Eastside - 20         #6 Carman Trucking - 18

#3 JMAC - 21              #4 Morton Denistry - 19

#2 Eunices - 21            #1 Celtics - 20             




Eunices Week 8 - Player of the Week - Remington Cockrum



Our player of the week for week 8 of the season is Remington Cockrum. Remi scored his first points of the season on Saturday when he made his free throw at half-time. Remi has sure been a fun kid to have on the team. He really has a great attitude and gives 110% on the court. He always can make Coach Keith and I smile with some of his funny stories or sayings he has. Great job this week Remi, we are very proud of you!




Eunices "mad dog" defense strikes again!


Man our defense was awesome today in our game versus Sharum. While our offense was not that sharp our defense made up for it. Sharum had a hard time getting shots off against our swarming defense. The result would be another easy win for Eunices to move to 7-1 on the season.

The opening quarter we came out and left no doubt who was the better team on this day. We ran our tip play to perfection to start the game, as McClane tipped the ball to Jackson, who made a perfect pass to Alex Flake for a layup and 2-0 lead. McClane Moody then turned several steals into easy baskets to give us a 8-0 lead. Sharum had a tough time even getting near the basket against our defense. Jackson Owens scored on a short jumper inside to make our lead 10-0 by the end of the 1st quarter. 

The 2nd quarter neither team was able to do much and it pretty much was an ugly quarter. The only points we scored was from Keaton Kennon on a jump shot in the paint. Sharum would finally get on the board right before the half and we would take a 12-2 lead heading into the half. Sharum was able to knock down 5 free throws at halftime, while we knocked down 4 of our own. Jordan Teague, Braden Palmer, Remington Cockrum and Keaton Kennon all hit their free throw and we would head into the 3rd quarter with a 16-7 lead.

The last two quarters we made sure all the kids got to play equal time and they all did some good things out there. We would cruise to an easy 32-13 win. The win moves us to 7-1 on the season and secures us as the #2 seed from Goldtrap in the up-coming Rinky Dink City Tournament. The tourney begins on Saturday, February 21st at Evans Boys/Girls Club. 




Eunices Week 7 - Player of the Week - Leah Young



Our player of the week for week 7 of the season is Leah Young. Leah scored her points of the season today and grabbed down one rebound in the game versus JMAC. Thanks to Coach Chris and Doug for helping her score her first basket. Leah has really done good all season on defense and she is having a blast playing basketball for the first time. It was cool to see the smile on her face after hitting her first basket of the season today. Great job Leah, Coach Keith and Coach Johnny are very proud of you!




Eunices pulls away in 2nd half for 24-13 win over JMAC!


Going into the game I knew this was going to be a tough one. JMAC is very well coached by two of my good friends, Chris and Doug. We have coached together and against each other for years. Their team always plays good defense and know what to do on both ends of the floor. Let's see how this one went down.

The opening quarter was a defensive struggle. Both teams found it tough to get many shots off. JMAC was doing a good job keeping the ball away from McClane Moody and we turned the ball over numerous times trying to force it inside to him. JMAC would score the first basket of the game but Jordan Teague would hit a jumpshot from the wing to tie the game at 2. That would be all the scoring in the quarter, as this one was like two pitbulls going against each other. The 2nd quarter would be a lot like the first. Both teams continued to play good defense and points were hard to come by. McClane would score a basket inside and Keaton Kennon would do the same. JMAC scored on a couple of nice drives to the hole and we would take a 7-6 lead into the half-time break. JMAC made two free throws at the half and we finally broke our 0 for 39 streak. Keaton and Michael Adams both sank their free throw to give us a 9-8 lead heading into the 3rd quarter of play.

The 3rd quarter we started to pull away finally. Our defense made it very tough for JMAC to even get a shot off. Jackson Owens, Alex Flake and Braden Palmer was doing a great job at the top of our defense and forced JMAC into several turnovers. McClane broke free for a couple of fast break layups to give us a 13-8 lead. Keaton and McClane had several blocked shots in the quarter. One of those blocked shots by Keaton started a fast break that would see Alex make a great pass back to Keaton for two more points and a 15-8 Eunices lead. We held JMAC scoreless in the quarter .

The final quarter we continued to make it tough for JMAC to score. McClane would knock down a couple of short jumpers and Alex hit a free throw to extend our lead to 20-8. Jackson then scored off an offensive rebound to make it a 22-8 Eunices lead with two minutes left in the game. We cleared the bench and got all the 1st graders some more playing time. Leah Young would hit her first basket of the year with just seconds left in the game. Thanks to Coach Chris and Doug for helping with that. JMAC hit a 3-pointer at the buzzer to make the final 24-13.

The win moves us to 6-1 on the season and locks us in as the #2 seed from Goldtrap in the up-coming city tournament. We will return to action next Saturday at 11am versus Sharum. See you all at practice on Monday night at 6pm.

Free throws doom Eunices, lose 31-26


Not too many times in these rinky dink games that free throws at halftime cost you the game but that's exactly what happened today. We played the Celtics totally even the rest of the game, with both teams scoring 26 points. The difference in the game was they made 5 free throws at halftime, while we made none. It was the 4th game in a row that we have not made a single free throw at the half. That makes us 0 for our last 39 from the line at haltime. That's almost a stat that I cannot believe. What makes it even stranger, is we have some good free throw shooters on this team, so go figure?

This game was a battle for 1st place in the Goldtrap league standings. The Celtics are very well coached by Michael Scherry. He always does a real good job with his teams and they always are fun to play. Today would be no different. Both teams played well, but in the end the free throws at the half would come back to haunt us in this one.

The opening quarter the Celtics came out hitting jump shots from all over the floor. We used both timeouts in the opening quarter, adjusting our defense to try and slow them down. They would remain red hot from the floor and take a 8-4 lead after the 1st quarter of play. The 2nd quarter we really came alive on offense. McClane Moody would score on a couple of fast breaks to tie the game at 8. The rest of the quarter would be back and forth with both teams making big shots. Keaton Kennon would score off an offensive rebound to pull us within one point at 16-15 by the half.

The Celtics hit five free throws, while we hung a big goose egg to make it a 21-15 game heading into the final half. The 3rd quarter would see both defenses really step up their game. Points were hard to come by and neither team could get much going on offense. We missed several easy shots right at the basket that would cost us later on. By the end of the quarter this one remained tight with the Celtics holding a 24-19 lead. The final quarter we made a push and it looked as of we might pull this one out. We pulled within 27-26 with about a minute left in the game. We called timeout and set up a play, but the Celtics defended it well and we were not able to score. The final minute we were forced to foul and the Celtics stepped up and made their free throws to secure a 31-26 win.

Like I told the kids after the game, it was a fun game to be a part of and we are so very proud of them today. They played their little hearts out and got nothing to hang their heads about. We return to action next Saturday at 9am versus JMAC. See you all on Monday night, 6pm at practice.




Eunices Week 6 - Player of the Week - Michael Adams



Our player of the week for week 6 of the season is Michael Adams. Michael did not score in the game today versus Celtics but had one rebound and played very good defense. Michael is one of our 1st graders and is really learning to play the game. He always gives 110% and is a fun kid to coach. We are very proud of him and look forward to seeing what he will do the rest of the season. Great job Michael!






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