Estudantez AZ Clube Do Futebol: Mission Statement


 Paul Photo Pros                                               Our Club Mission & Vision Statement

The coaching staff at Estudantez AZ Soccer Club represents one of the most critical components to successful player development and overall enjoyment of learning the sport of soccer. Possessing the skills, experience and knowledge neccessary to deliver quality instruction while maximizing the time spent working out with our club players is both important and delicate.

Our mission is to guide your child to a successful career in the sport that he/she has chosen and to make sure that along the process the player is building character, self-respect, self-discipline, principals, ethics and morals to be an outstanding athlete and a great human being.

Our vision we are fully committed to provide you with the best of our service and dedication, by seeking the best of opportunities given to us by various professional organizations that believe in our coaches, hard work and our club philosophy to show-case our players at a higher stage.