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Roller Hockey
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                             Basic Information 

Mission:  To introduce boys and girls, ages 7–16, to the excitement of hockey by teaching them hockey skills and techniques and, thereby, providing them the tools to enjoy playing the game – To add a new dimension to ESM Youth Sports – To exist and operate within the philosophies and guidelines espoused by ESM Youth Sports.


July & August


At Minoa Municipal building

240 N. Main Street, Minoa Thursday 05/31/12 6:00pm-8:00pm

Registration Fees

Minoa Village Residents*

$40 First Child $30 Second child $80 Family max

Non-Minoa Village Residents

$45 First Child $35 Second child $90 Family max

*The Village of Minoa subsidizes the ESM Youth Sports, Inc. Program, therefore Minoa Village residents receive a discount.

     Eligibility: boys and girls ages 5-18

Personal protective equipment furnished by ESMYS:

            *helmet/face guard

            *elbow pads

            *knee/shin pads

            *shoulder pads


 Equipment to be furnished by player:



            *neck wrap

            *mouth guard

            *athletic supporter and cup (if applicable)

            *shorts or hockey pants/girdle and practice jersey or over-sized T-shirt


*Acceptable skates include: two piece, one piece, hockey boot, non-hockey inline boot, with brakes, without brakes.

*Hockey boots generally run one to one and a half size large.  Be cognizant especially when ordering.  Check manufacturer’s specifications.

*ABEC rated bearings are strongly recommended.

-The ABEC rating signifies the tightness of the wheel bearings in their packing.

-An ABEC rating of 1 or 3 will suffice.  A rating of 3 is perfect for hockey.

-Higher ABEC ratings are acceptable but tend to be significantly more expensive and might be too fast depending on the skater’s skill level. 

- Non-rated bearings will cause the skater difficulty in keeping pace with other players and might not provide a smooth ride.

            *Ideally, the hardness rating of the skate’s wheels will be between 76A and 82A.

Neck Wrap

            *Be sure that the wrap chosen fits comfortably around the player’s neck.

Mouth Guard should be approved for use in playing hockey.  Special guards are available for players who wear braces.


*Street or inline stick (e.g., Franklin, etc.), should be inexpensive.    The blade of the stick or exposed surface of the blade should be constructed of plastic or a composite material but not made of wood. *One piece sticks or sticks with a wooden or composite shaft are preferred.  Aluminum and other hollow-shafted sticks are acceptable but a secure butt plug must protect the end of the shaft.

*With the bottom tip of the blade resting on the floor and the shaft in the vertical position, the butt of the stick should reach the underside of the player’s chin while the player is wearing skates.Rules:

*USA Hockey Rules will be adopted with the application of supplemental local rules and adaptations that are tailored to our specific needs.

*Fighting, extreme physicality and all forms of body checking will be STRICTLY prohibited

-1st offense will result in major penalty and/or game misconduct w/carry-over.  Possible additional one game suspension or expulsion from the league may be assessed at the discretion of the ESMYS Board.

                        -Subsequent offenses may result in immediate expulsion from the league.

Plea for volunteers: 


*Ability to skate is preferred but not mandatory, a rudimentary understanding of the game will suffice.


*A more thorough if not comprehensive knowledge of the rules is preferred.  The ability to skate is not mandatory but would greatly benefit the referee in the execution of his or her duties.

*Main function will be to maintain order.

            Timekeepers, Scorekeepers, Penalty Box Attendants, Concession Workers, etc.:

*Requires little or no special knowledge of the sport.

Village of Minoa residents cost less due to the village subsidizing ESM Youth Sports.