Basketball: Welcome

Welcome to ESM Youth Sports Basketball. If you would like information concerning the basketball program, please email the ESM Youth Sports Basketball Director Steve Graham at 

ESM Youth Sports Basketball League runs from December to March, with practices starting in  November/December. Games usually start early January. Our program's regular season ends in the middle of March and playoffs follow. The ESM Youth Sport's Basketball programs goals are to teach the fundamentals of basketball, promote good sportsmanship, fair play and just have fun. The divisions are as follows:

     2nd & 3rd Grade Boys Instructional League

     4th Grade Boys Instructional League

     5th / 6th Grade Boys Recreational League

     7th / 8th Grade Boys Recreational League


     2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade Girls Instructional League    

     5th - 8th Grade Girls Recreational League



      5th,6th, 7th & 8th grade boys and girls travel teams and 5th / 6th and a 7th / 8th grade girls travel team (where   numbers allow)_______________________________________

If you have any concerns as to which division you may be qualified for, please email a message.


Non-Minoa Village Residents

Minoa Village Residents

One child: $35.00

One child: $30.00

Second child: $30.00

Second child: $25.00

Third child: (Family max $90.00) 

Third child: (Family max: $75.00)

Travel Teams (boys & girls)
 $50.00 (initial fee)

 $75 due once your son / daughter make the team

Total of $125 per player

Village of Minoa residents are less due to the village subsidizing ESM Youth Sports.