East Stroudsburg Little League, Babe Ruth & Connie Mack: Mail In Registration Form


Work bondWork bond



9-10 Baseball Bracket 2014

9-10 Baseball Bracket9-10 Baseball Bracket

9-10 Softball Bracket

9-10 Softball Bracket9-10 Softball Bracket

Major Baseball Bracket

Major Baseball BracketMajor Baseball Bracket

Intermediate Baseball Bracket

Intermediate BB BracketIntermediate BB Bracket

Major Softball Bracket

Major softballMajor softball

JR Baseball Bracket

JR BaseballJR Baseball

SR Baseball Bracket

SR baseball bracketSR baseball bracket

Medical Release Jan 2014

Medical Release 2014Medical Release 2014

Volunteer Form Jan 2014

Volunteer Form Jan 2014Volunteer Form Jan 2014

Work Bond Explanation

Work BondWork Bond

2013 LL Volunteer Form for Managers & Coaches

2013 Little League Volunteer Form - to be filled out by applicants for Managers, Coaches and Team Moms. After application is received, a State and Federal background check will be performed.

2013 Little League Volunteer Form2013 Little League Volunteer Form

New Approved Bat List

Updated Approved Bat ListUpdated Approved Bat List

Minor League 9/10 All Star Roster 2013

Minor League 9/10 All Star Roster.
Manager: Doug Posten
Coaches: John Cramer, Cameron Huffman

Minor League All Star RosterMinor League All Star Roster

Intermediate All Star Roster 2013

Intermediate All Star Roster 2013
Manager: Brian Ward
Coaches: Sig Markowski, Chris Bowers

Intermediate All Star Roster 2013Intermediate All Star Roster 2013

Registration Form Jan 2014

Registration Jan 2014Registration Jan 2014

Intermediate League Roster 2013

Intermediate League Team Rosters for 2013.

Intermediate Team Rosters 2013Intermediate Team Rosters 2013

Minor League Team Rosters 2013

Team Rosters for Minor League 2013.

Minor League Team Rosters 2013Minor League Team Rosters 2013

Minor League Schedule & Results 2013

Minor League Schedule, Scores and Standings for 2013.

Minor League Schedule & Results 2013Minor League Schedule & Results 2013

SR Softball Bracket

Softball SR BracketSoftball SR Bracket