2014 Season

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Edgewood South Elmwood Little League

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Tuesday, May 6
2014 10 Week Club Winners

1. The Shurtleff Family
2. The d'Entremont Family
3. Dawn Hogan - Generously donated back to the league. Thank you!!
4. The Heard Family
5. The Liberata Family
6. The Bradley Family
7. The Robison Family
8. The Stanton Family
9. The Liberata Family
10. The Sullivan Family

$500 winner drawn at banquet - The Jameson Family 

Tuesday, December 3
2014 Little League Volunteer Form

Click here for the 2014 Little League Volunteer Form. 

Friday, September 20
2013-2014 Board of Directors

The 2013-2014 board is as follows (Elected at the October General Meeting):

President - Dave Ciolfi
Vice President - John Croke
Secretary - Bob Leider
Treasurer - Lori Fox
Safety Officer - Kevin Barbero
League Information Officer - Ron Barnes
Senior League Player Agent - Mike Hogan
Senior League Rep(Equipment Manager) - Bob Mullen
Major/Minor League Player Agent - John Robison
Major & Minor League Equipment Manager - Eddie Lowell
Minor League Rep - Ron Coffey
T-Ball & Instructional Rep - Terry Linehan
At Large (Grants and Special Events Coordinator) - Steve McGrath
At Large (Big League Coordinator) - Bob Blackburn
At Large (Field/Building/Grounds Manager) - Billy Winn
At Large (Major/Minor Fall Ball) - Tom Yakey
At Large (Concession Stand Fay and Senior Fall Ball Coord.) - Carl Miller

Sunday, November 23
ESELL Suggestion Box

Edgewood South Elmwood Little League

Edgewood South Elmwood Little League belongs to YOU - the parents, coaches, and players.  The ESELL Board of Directors is always interested in feedback from it's general membership and has opened a Suggestion Box as an easy way to make suggestions in a public forum.

The Suggestion Box is a moderated forum, meaning that items sent to the Box won't immediately be available.  This is done for several reasons, including inadvertent release of a player's name, personal information or the posting of inappropriate or disparaging remarks.
So please double click on Suggestion Box on the left and follow the directions.  We look forward to your suggestions to make Edgewood South Elmwood Little League better for everyone!