East-Side City Warriors: Welcome

Sunday, June 8
East-Side City Warriors

Playoffs Begin tonight!

6pm Green vs Red

7pm Blue vs Gold

8pm Grey vs Black


A big Thank you to everyone who participated in the ESCW Houseleague! Another great year of success!! Please keep an eye of the page for fall registrations. 

Remember as a Rookie if you shoot an airball Free-Throw, you will have to buy a pitcher of beer, Either that night or at Trade night, this also applies to all Veterans. For the guys that have not paid for their pitcher last season it is still posted and you are still expected to pay for it.

Pitcher Tracker for the Bittmore:


Marcus Grizzle (1)

 Noah Bankole (1)

 Remember after the last games we go to the Bittmore, just down the street. If you want to take your team after the game, and have at least 6 guys with you, you will receive a free party platter of food. The more you guys attend the Bittmore, the bigger our banquet will be at the end of the season! (Please keep all receipts and return them to me! Very Important!!!!) 

Welcome to the ESCW Basketball Club. We offer many different types of basketball programs, from Adult recreational Leagues, to rep and housleague teams for youths of all ages.  

To all Men's League Members, there seems to be a bit of confusion, with some of The FIBA rules. Please remember, that we are playing FIBA, there are slight differences in the rules. I have posted a copy of our modified rules page in the hand-out section. Also under the Links Section I have posted the FIBA website info.

Friday, March 14
East-Side City Warriors

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