East Rockaway Raiders Football and Cheerleading: Registration Form

Registration Forms

REGISTRATION FOR 2018 IS NOW OPEN FOR BOTH FOOTBALL AND CHEERLEADING! FOR 2018, WE WILL BE ACCEPTING CHECKS, CASH, PAYPAL or credit card at open registrations. FOR ALL REGISTRATIONS. SEE THE LINK BELOW TO PAY USING PAYPAL. REGISTRATION FORMS ARE STILL REQUIRED IF PAYING VIA PAYPAL. Please be sure to read all forms thoroughly before completing. All required documents must accompany the registration forms and check to be considered complete. All forms listed below with the exception of the volunteer form are mandatory. Please note Parent Code of Conduct must be printed and signed by both parents. NCYFLPRD form (medical) cannot be submitted until after May 31, 2018. TOP PORTION OF THE NCYFLPRD MUST BE TYPED AND MUST BE STAMPED BY PHYSICIAN. FOOTBALL - Registration for 5 & 6 yr olds will be $50.   For all others will be $125. After March 31 registration will increase to $75 for 5 & 6 yr olds and $185 for all others. $40 jersey fee (Jersey fee is mandatory for new players and any returning players that need a new jersey.) CHEERLEADING - Early Registration is $50 for all ages.   After March 31, $85. https://www.paypal.com/ If paying by Paypal, your payment should be sent to ASERRAIDERS@AOL.com

2018 Football Registration2018 Football Registration

2018 Cheer Registration2018 Cheer Registration




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