Sunday, October 23
ADP has different levels and seasons. Lets talk seasons first. There are actually three.

Season 1 - Summer: April > September

Primary Focus Team training and Game success. Player development focus is 'game fitness' - ability to translate personal skills into team skills- measured in players ability to 'play' the game, as a member of a team. Team bonding and social elements high. Complimented by Cross-Team Training and Playing up to higher level or age-group teams. Summer ADP in mornings - offered as complimentary add-on for keen players looking to get to next level.

Season 2 - Fall: October > December

Primary Focus Player Development. Teams are usually in 'down cycle'. 'Team' activity starts to re-build in mid to late November as Indoor leagues start. Serious Teams will likely have one game night, one fitness night, one team training night - which can happen as a team if gym space is available or at an ADP session. MORE serious players can attend EXTRA ADP sessions. Teams with 15-20 players who hold a team practice with 50-60 % participation have difficulty getting enough players to participate. Last Wednesday night in the rain at Iceland - there were 65 KEEN players - guys and girls training from 9>11pm.

Season 3 - Winter / Spring: January > March

Primary Focus Player Development - The simple reality in the cold of the winter, in gyms and on indoor fields, most winter training is focused on developing skills, whether in a team practice or ADP session. With indoor games, Indoor Ontario Cup, a tournament here and there, focus starts to shift in March to team activity.

The ADP 'MENU" offered this fall is designed to let players take advantage of as much training as they want. The Team coach has to filter this - in relation to providing GUIDANCE to their group of parents and players, as to what the Team Coach needs to accomplish, with the group as a whole, and with individual players.

Now lets discuss levels. And I will use me as the team coach as the example.

For the older boys who wish to be part of the u17A team, u21 or senior teams, the message is clear. And remember these are "A" teams - with two objectives. The Coach sets the objectives. For us there is only one team objective - be the BEST. OUR program is Serious.

The team objective - Win. The Player Objectives - Get each player to the Next Level - first school then professional. Every player must have a dream.

The 'program' is for serious players. At the older ages there are three types of players we deal with. Good Players. Serious Players. Good players who are serious. There is room in our program for two of those three.

There is no separation between team and ADP programs, except for 'game' day. The young players who are training with us - including a couple of u15's are treated as equals. If they are good enough they play. The 'team' at this time of year is large - and 100% focused on training. In the summer - on game day - their team is the 15 players who are playing that day.

Not every player, or every parent, wants to be in a 'serious' program.