Coaches and Managers , please cascade this far and wide, and where necessary, make hard copies to get the message home to everyone.

As an intro to this note I am asking each and every team to make a specific effort to meet with all of your parents and discuss the absolute requirement of proper behaviour before,during and after soccer games.

The poor behaviour of our opposition is no excuse to turn our self control off. After all, it takes TWO to have an argument.

We are suffering an unusual increase in the number of adult related incidents at our soccer activities.

This bears serious concern for a number of reasons:

The behaviour of the adults involved in our games reflects the personality and culture of our Club. We teach and expect high standards.

This behaviour is a reflection on our community and proud city when we travel outside.

Our behaviour has a great deal to do with the mood and, in some cases, the outcome of a game by disrupting a referee's concentration and that of the players.

Our behaviour is, worst of all, a personal embarrassment to our players who just want to play soccer.

We have had a number of recent serious incidents that have drawn the Club into disrepute.

One case - two parents stepped on the field during a game and approached the referee in an animated fashion to draw his attention to an altercation at the opposite end of the field. Referee felt his safety was threatened, called the game and exited to safety.
Result - $500 fine and a hearing

Next - a parent decides to berate a linesperson about a call. He doesn't let up and in a fury hurls abusive and racial language at the entire referee crew.
Result - hearing pending, but at least a $300 fine and parent banishment from all future games.

Next - parents loudly and persistently complaining about the officiating in an out of town game. Referee asks them to settle down or he will call the game.
Several parents say "what are you going to do about it".....the entire Erin Mills spectator crowd is moved to the parking lot before the game can continue.
Result - hearing pending, but at least a $300 fine.

I am aware of coaches being removed from games, but not reported. I am aware of abusive arguments between home and opponent adults.

As much as the Club is assigned the "guilt" of these offences, the fines become the responsibility of the offending team, and the team is expected to collect from the guilty parties.

As a matter of Club policy,

at no time are Sponsor or fundraising monies to be used to pay for these offences. Your sponsors, and those who contributed to your fundraising will take serious offense to their funds being used for penalty assessment.

Team financial statements (due Oct 31) must reflect how these penalties were funded.

Offending teams will have their discipline bonds increased for one year to $250 plus the total fines levied in the prior season. This will apply to adult behaviour issues and serious player issues that result in fines.

I have attached the excerpt from the OSA penalties for a variety of infractions.

Please make a special effort to pre-empt misguided behaviour and keep us out of the courts.

If anyone needs assistance collecting these fines from the guilty persons the Club can assist you with Small Claims proceedings.

Keep the peace and have fun please.