Sunday, October 23

Several years ago the Club membership approved the introduction of “B” teams, in principle, to keep as many Erin Mills players within our own curriculum.

The current policy encourages Board consideration of a “B” team when there are sufficient skilled players that are playing on the “A” team.

The Board will review coaching staff qualifications and other infrastructure issues that impact the addition of teams. Refer to the “Preferred Criteria” at the end of this document.

Demand for additional Rep-level teams is a positive sign for the Club.

Not only is the club enjoying rapid growth in the overall membership, but we are also starting to see quantum skill improvements in the young ages as coaches become more focussed on player development.

The Club “A” teams are designed to, and expected to, field the best qualified players from the Erin Mills membership.
sequent teams that we might establish, generically referred to as “B” teams, are expected to be developing players and their skills to achieve “A” team status.

The “A” team is expected to look first (but not exclusively) to the “B” team and then to the Select-All Star teams for call-up potential mid-season and for new roster recruits between seasons. This is all done in cooperation with all coaches involved.

The “B” teams will not be allowed to develop as the “alternate” because someone doesn't like a coach, team politics, or the night of play, etc.

Coaches and parents alike must remain focussed on WHAT IS BEST FOR THE PLAYER. This will be the Club's over-riding policy.

That is, to help players be the best that they can be at a pace that they are emotionally and physically ready for.

The final decision of where the player plays remains with the parent.

The achievement of making the “A” team roster in a hard fought, well-earned try-out, and being an attractive call-up potential would be the expected goal of all players.

Coaches will be expected to encourage, but not force or discourage, players to advance according to their abilities.

Coaches within the same age group who represent A and B teams, are expected to maintain a close working relationship and avoid any appearance of personal, political competition.

Coaches within the same age group are required to train their teams together approximately once a month under the guidance of the Club head Coach.

Friendly team competition is encouraged.

Coaches are expected to manage parent sentiments with respect to the policies surrounding this issue.

If managed properly, The “A” team players will have the best opportunity to rise to the highest level possible for their age group.

Ultimately we expect our “A” teams (at least) to be playing at the Elite level in South Region and later at the highest youth level in the Ontario Youth Soccer League.

We further expect to see some Erin Mills players being recognized for Regional team tryouts and final Regional team selection. The Regional Team players practice and develop parallel to their home team schedule. Nine Ontario Regional team rosters then compete for a place on the provincial U15, and finally the national roster.

This regional process begins in the Rep player's U13 year. Our players need the best skills and the best competition (place in the league) to be recognized for consideration.

This will only happen if we manage our club “curriculum” responsibly.


At the entry-level U11 age all teams compete in the same “Premier” Division.
Mid-season, South Region may likely divide the group through the middle creating a “Premier” and “First Division” group based on points achieved to date.

New, but older teams (i.e. U12) that come in as “B” teams are required by South Region to enter in the lowest division that exists.
This means that a quality team may enter the league in, for example, Second Division. There is no choice. The “A” team will be at a higher level, wherever their results took them.
It is not unusual for late, but talented “B” entries to blow away their division. Finishing first in your division guarantees you move up to the NEXT division. You cannot leapfrog divisions on the argument that you have the talent.

The top 3 Elite Division South Region teams in their U13 year can advance to the Ontario Youth Soccer League for their U14 season.

Coaches have a responsibility to make sure that their teams are on this path as best as possible and that individual players are exposed to their best potential.

Preferred Criteria of a Proposed Team Addition in an Age Group

·        There are sufficient current Erin Mills quality players in the age pool to formulate the basis of an additional team.

·        The players have the requisite skills for Rep play. This will be evaluated and determined by the Club Head Coach.

·        The team is open for try-outs at the appropriate time of the year.

·        Open applications for Team Head Coach have passed through and been approved by the Club Selection and Review process.

·        The Coach has done the necessary homework to familiarize with the Rep program through attendance at Rep Coach and Manager meetings prior to submission.

·        Coaches are encouraged to discuss the challenges they will face with incumbent coaches prior to submitting their request.

·        The parents of the proposed team have been made aware of and approve of all of the expectations of Rep level play including schedules and costs. If required, the Rep Director will call a meeting of the parents for discussion.

·        There is at least one parent who is prepared to assume or share the role of Team Manager and understands the responsibilities of the job.

·        The Coach, staff and a minimum of 75% of players are committed to a 12-month soccer program.

·        The staff has considered and secured practice facilities in the winter.

·        The Board has connsidered the impact on our limited Rep field resources for league play.

·        The team understands that prime resources will be allocated to A teams first and that he/she understands that they will share in the effort to secure required facilities.

BOB T OCT 23.05