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Erindale Constitution
This is the current copy of the Constitution.
Handout: Constitution


I would like to draw your attention to a few house keeping issues that have come up this year.
        Please do not park in the main church parking lot.  Also, do not park any closer to the diamond that the edge of the batting cage - a broken windshield is never pleasant.
        While the City of Mississauga has passed a bylaw restricting smoking in public parks, Little League Canada also has an anti-smoking program.  Further, we have several players that do have severe allergies.
        Therefore, in accordance with league policy NO SMOKING is allowed within 9 metres/30 feet of any baseball diamond.  There is no smoking allowed near/at the concession.
        Please be advised that alcohol is strictly prohibited on all city property.  The baseball diamonds and field surrounded are included.  Corporate Security will be patrolling the parks this summer and fines will be issued. 
        Any team that has parents drinking alcohol during a game will face disciplinary action by the league which may include a forfeit.
        Players should not be throwing the ball on the pathway between the church and the diamond.  With the new church fence the area has become very congested and we want to ensure that there are no injuries to spectators, etc.
        Players should be in long pants during all practices.   
Anne Dundon
Erindale Liitle League

Friday, March 15
Raffle Ticket Update
Due to regulatory changes with the City of Mississauga Lottery & Gaming division, Erindale Lions Little League cannot provide Raffle tickets as part of the player registration fee for the 2013 season.

Erindale Lions Little League has in the past provided each player with a book of Raffle tickets with their Opening Day information packages. Families had the option to keep the tickets and enter the tickets to win prizes on Closing Day or to sell the tickets to offset player registration costs. The raffle was conducted instead of other indiviual fundraising activities.

Board of Directors
Erindale Lions Little League

Monday, June 3
Inclement Weather Procedure 2013

Dear Minor Affiliate Group,

We've had a lot of rain in Mississauga over the past few weeks and with all sports fields across Mississauga now open, I wanted to take this opportunity to share information on inclement weather and field closure communication for 2013.

By noon, Parks Supervisors are to inform Recreation Customer Service/Booking Office of a need to close fields due to playability and/or safety issues arising from inclement weather either before, current or anticipated.  Parks Supervisors are experts in their field, know and understand the intricacies and unique characteristics of each field - we trust them to be our eyes and ears.  Their interest is safety but also, preventing damage and delivering premium quality fields all year long.  There are 8 total districts in the city, each of which might be closed altogether but sometimes fields are closed individually as well.

The above information is communicated to Customer Service/Booking Office who subsequently make changes on the website for leagues, administrators, coaches, families and out-of-town groups to see as early in the afternoon as possible.  Closures are marked on the site in red.

Fields left open are the discretion of officials and coaches onsite to determine safety and/or playability status.  It is in these circumstances when judgement is critical - damage to a field by a group who played on one should not have, is the group's own responsibility.

I trust that the details above animate how the City of Mississauga communicates sports field closures - it is not, nor will ever be an exact science because weather and field conditions are often unpredictable.  Also so you know, Sports Unit and your Sports Liaison are not involved in the decision-making or communication process above any longer (unless asked to assist).

I think I can speak for all parties when I say that patience, cooperation, communication and judgement is critically important and much appreciated.  Our interests are the safety of participants and best-quality sports surfaces possible, let's continue to work together to ensure both all season long.

Should you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions about this communication process, I am happy to assist.  Until then, bookmarking the page above would be useful for reference.


Singing in the rain,
Justin Agius
Sports Liaison
City of Mississauga

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