Erindale Lions Little League: Erindale Fanwear

How to Order

Please send an email to with your request. Include your required size.

From there, we can make arrangements for you to pay for and receive your item(s). 

All prices include HST.



Flexpacks (Bat knapsacks)
Pink Flexsack

Bats not included. $35.00  Regular price $45.00 ea. Limited quantity available.


Green Flexpack

Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Available in Black, Navy, or Red $25.00 ea



Long Sleeve T

Regular Trackpants

No pockets. Elastic ankle. Navy or Grey
2015-06-09 Inventory:

  navy grey
AS 1 0
AM 0 0
AL 0 0
AXL 1 0
YS 3 1
YM 1 2
YL 2 0
YXL 1 0



Jacket Full Button

Shown with 45th logo. Current jackets have sportswear logo. $55.00 ea Adult XL or XXL $60.00 




Hooded Sweatshirt (Hoodie)

Youth $35/Adukt $40

Available in Lions or Cardinals styles 




Grey Property Of. Short sleeve T shirt

Grey t-shirt with two colour navy/white print Youth $15/Adult $20

Also available in white with Cardinals logo


New Shirt Sleeve T

Sack Bag

Sack Bag

Umbrellas .




Seat Cushion
$5.00 ea

Seat Cushion

Water Bottle
BPA Free. Bottle can be collapsed flat & easily stored away when empty, but stands like other bottles when full. $5.00 ea

Water Bottle