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2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
Pennant Winners: Pennant Winners: Pennant Winners: Playoff Finalists: Pennant Winners:
Squirt Mite Mite 05 Squirt 13 Squirt 11
Novice Novice Squirt 14 Bantam 33 Novice 21
Bantam Midget Novice 25   Playoff Finalists:
Midget Playoff Champions: Bantam 34   Novice 21
Playoff Champions: Mite Playoff Finalists:   Playoff Champions:
Squirt Midget Mite 05   Mite 01
Novice   Squirt 14   Squirt 11
Midget   Playoff Champions:    
    Mite 04    
    Squirt 13    
    Novice 25    
    Bantam 34    
2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Pennant Winners: Pennant Winners: Pennant Winners: Pennant Winners: Pennant Winners:
Bantam 302 Mite 001 Midget 401 Midget 402 Junior 501
Midget 401 Bantam 301 Playoff Finalists: Playoff Finalists: Playoff Finalists:
Playoff Finalists: Midget 402 Mite 001 Squirt 101 Squirt 102
Bantam 301 Playoff Finalists: Squirt 102 Midget 402 Bantam 301
Midget 401 Bantam Blue 302 Midget 403 Playoff Champions: Playoff Champions:
Playoff Champions: Playoff Champions: Playoff Champions: Midget 403 Junior 501
Squirt 101 Bantam White 301 Novice 201    
Bantam 302        
2012 2013 2014     
Pennant Winners:  Pennant Winners: Pennant Winners:     
Ladies 601  Novice 201 Junior 501     
Playoff Finalists:  Ladies 601 Ladies 601     
Mite White 001  Playoff Finalists: Playoff Finalists:     
Squirt White 101  Ladies 601 Squirt White 101     
Playoff Champions:   Playoff Champions:     
Ladies 601   Novice White 201     
    Novice Blue 202     
    Ladies 601     

From 2002 to 2014 the Erindale girl's softball program has won:
26 Regular Season Pennants Winners
21 Playoff Championships
19 Playoff Finalists

We have a strong, stable and growing program that provides for a fun summer of play for all girls in the City of Mississauga. We are located in central Mississauga, playing our home games at Martin Dobkin diamond, just south of Square One Shopping Mall. Our program features winter pitching and skills clinics, summer Select teams at all levels, weekly practices for all house league teams at all ages. We have a strong, dedicated group of coaches who provide a positive learning environment for all players.

Our teams play in the Mississauga Girls Softball Association, interlocking with other teams from Mississauga and west Etobicoke.

Girls progress through the various softball divisions, while developing skills in a fun competitive environment. Our program is focused on skills development throughout the year, with winter skills and pitching clinics available to all players.

For more information on registering your daughter in Erindale for the 2014 season, please
email us at .

Division Ages Skill Level
Mite 8-10 Introduction to windmill pitching, and basic softball fundamentals. Combination of machine pitch and live pitching. Pitching is from 30' and bases set at 45'.
Squirt 11-12 Continued skill development. Introduce base stealing and sliding. Bases are 55', and pitching from 35'.
Novice 13-14 Full softball rules. Regulation 60' bases, and pitching from 38'. Refining skills.
Bantam 15-16 Full softball rules. Regulation 60' bases, and pitching from 40'.
Midget 17-19 Full softball rules. Regulation 60' bases, and pitching from 43'.
Junior 20-22 Full softball rules. Regulation 60' bases, and pitching from 43'
Ladies  23 & up  Full softball rules. Regulation 60' bases, and pitching from 43' 




The number one reason girls love to play fastpitch is because it’s fun! Participating is fun. Running, hitting, sliding, catching, stealing, it’s all fun and it’s exciting. Our younger teams even have their own cheers!

When girls are playing a team sport it is something THEY are doing. They are making things happen. They are totally involved in the outcome. This makes them feel they are important, valuable and that they are needed. This creates self confidence and good self esteem.

Fastpitch requires a certain skill set. Developing and mastering these skills is challenging and very rewarding. The girls see that they are becoming faster, hitting farther, catching better, etc. and this creates a sense of pride and accomplishment as well as instilling discipline and dedication.

By being a member of a team the girls learn about team spirit and working together toward a common goal. They learn to rely on each other and support each other through the wins and the loses. Each member of the team is critical to its success. The team uniforms help to reinforce a sense of pride in the team and the community it represents.

The benefits of regular exercise are numerous. Physically fit children are not only healthier but recent studies suggest that they often do better in school as well.

Everyone needs a dream, for some it is to one day play at a professional or Olympic level. Fastpitch was watched by millions this year as the American team went undefeated at the Olympics. It generated interest in a whole new generation of girls.

Erindale teams are coached by experienced volunteers who have a passion for the game. We work on drills to improve softball skills, co-ordination, conditioning and agility. As the team or individual evolves their needs change. The coaches are continually updating and changing their practice plans to keep the practices exciting, current and relevant to the evolving team.

Fastpitch is a great way to make new friends whether you are new to the community or are a long time resident. Come on out and check us out.


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