Erindale Lions Little League: 2014 Registration/Evaluations

2014 In Person Registration Dates

In person registrations are complete for this season. For information on how to register for available spaces, please call our clubline 905-277-5081 or email
Registration Fees

User Fee: The City of Mississauga charges all sports groups an hourly rate for the use of all sports fields tha we are forced to pass along to all players.
After Apr 5 Fee: All registrations after Mar 31 are subject to a $25 late fee
Division Base Fee User Fee Total After April 5
Instructional T-Ball  $128.00 $17.00 $145.00 $170.00
Junior T-Ball  $143.00 $17.00 $160.00 $185.00
Senior T-Ball     Closed

Rookie Ball  $213.00 $17.00 $230.00 $255.00
Minor Boys Baseball  $233.00 $17.00 $250.00 $275.00
Major Boys Baseball  $233.00 $17.00 $250.00 $275.00
Mite Girls Softball  $188.00 $17.00 $205.00 $230.00
Squirt Girls Softball  Closed but can play Novice
Novice Girls Softball  $208.00 $17.00 $225.00 $250.00
Bantam Girls Softball  $218.00 $17.00 $235.00 $260.00
Midget Girls Softball  Closed

Junior Girls Softball  Closed

Ladies Rec. Softball  $260.00 INCL. $260.00 N/A
MBA A  $308.00 $17.00 $325.00 $350.00
MBA AA  $393.00 $17.00 $410.00


2014 Evaluations




 (NO Tryouts for 4 year old GIRLS OR BOYS) 



BASEBALL(7/8)                 Evaluation             April 12    10:00am              Rainout:  April 13                 Springfield Park/Erindale

BASEBALL(9 - 12)              Evaluation              April 12     1:00pm              Rainout:  April 13                 Springfield Park/Erindale

Co-ed T-BALL (5/6)              Evaluation              April 26    10:00am              Rainout:  April 27                 Springfield Park/Erindale




All players are to be at the park at least 15 minutes prior to start time, dressed for the weather, with ball glove and appropriate footwear.

If player is unable to attend please call the club line at 905-277-5081 or email  Please leave your name & phone #.  NOTE:  A player may not be selected to a Major team without attending an evaluation.

If tryouts are postponed due to poor weather, if time permits, you will be contacted.  If you are not contacted please show up.  Postponed tryouts will be rescheduled on the following Sunday.

Coaches will draft players onto teams for the 2014 season in the week following the evaluation games.  The coach will contact all players.  Practices will be held and uniforms provided prior to opening day


What nights will they play?
Division Game Night(s) Game Time Home Diamond
Instructional T-Ball Monday 6:15PM Springfield
Junior T-Ball Tuesday/Thursday 6:15PM Springfield
Senior T-Ball Monday/Wednesday 6:15PM Springfield
Rookie Ball Tuesday/Thursday 6:15PM Springfield
Minor Baseball Monday/Wednesday 6:15PM/8:30PM (1) Springfield
Major Baseball Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday 6:15PM/8:30PM Springfield
Mite Softball Monday/Wednesday (2) 6:30PM Martin Dobkin
Squirt Softball Tuesday/Thursday 6:30PM Martin Dobkin
Novice Softball Monday/Wednesday 6:30PM/8:30PM (1) Martin Dobkin
Bantam Softball Tuesday/Thursday 6:30PM/8:30PM Martin Dobkin
Midget Softball Monday/Wednesday/Sunday 6:30PM/8:30PM (3) Martin Dobkin
Junior Softball Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 6:30PM/8:30PM (3) Martin Dobkin
Ladies Rec. Friday 7pm/9pm (4) Rivergrove
Peewee MBA Mon to Thurs 6:15PM TBA
Bantam MBA Mon to Thurs 6:15PM South Common
Midget MBA Mon to Thurs 6:15PM/8:30PM Ninth Line
Junior MBA Sun to Thurs 6:15PM/8:30PM (5) Ninth Line
(1) - 8:30PM games only in July/August    
(2) -  Mite Softball plays once per week. Practice is on other game night.    
(3) - 6:30PM games only on Sunday's    
(4) - Doubleheaders    
(5) - 6:15PM games only on Sunday's    

Erindale Boundaries

Erindale boundries for the Mississauga Girls Softball Association:
All of Mississauga
Erindale boundries for Little League Baseball 12 and under house league
All of Mississauga
Erindale boundries for MBA/OBA Baseball 13 and over
Hurontario on the east
Eglinton on the north
Credit River on the west
QEW on the south