Erindale Lions Little League: Diamonds

Clover Meadows
White Clover Way & Willow Creek

Creditwoods Park
Creditwoods Park
on Rathburn Rd, west of Mavis

Dunton 2

Dunton 3

Dunton 4

Ellengale 1

Ellengale 2

Erindale Clubhouse
On The Credit Woodlands, south of McBride. Enter via parking lot adjacent to tennis courts.

  Mississauga, Ontario Phone: 905-277-5081

Kingsbridge Common Park

Get Map to Kingsbridge Common Park Regents Terrace
mississauga, Ontario

Melia Dr, north of Rathburn, off Creditview. Park 286 on map.

Martin Dobkin Hardball

Martin Dobkin Softball
Martin Dobkin
Right beside the school

Meadowvale Sports Park 2

Meadowvale Sports Park 3

Ninth Line South

Rivergrove #1 (MNBA)

Springfield 1 (Stadium)
Springfield Park
behind church

Springfield 2
Springfield Park
next to swimming pool

Springfield 3
On Forestwood, by forest

Springfield 4
On Forestwood, by Springfield school

Springfield 5
beside tennis courts

Springfield 6

Springfield Batting Cage

AA Martin South (Majors)

Allan A Martin North (Majors)

Ancaster Major Diamond

Ancaster Minor Diamond

Bell Habour (MNBA)

Bernie Arbour

Birchwood 1 (MGSA)

Birchwood 2 (MGSA)

Birchwood 3 (MGSA)

Birchwood 5 (MGSA)

Brant Hills C

Brian Best

Carmen Bush

Century Red

Chris Gibson

Clarkson (MSBA)

Community Park


Crookes Park (Majors)
Crookes Park

Get Map to Crookes Park (Majors) 800 Lakefront Promenade
Mississauga, Ontario

Danton Park (MNBA)

Derry Park (MNBA)

Drumquin Park (Milton)

Dundas Park

Eringate #1 (Etobicoke)
Eringate 1
Park Located behind the Mall

Eringate #2 (Etobicoke)

Ernie Keith Field (High Park)

Etob. Centennial Park


Fairgrounds A

Fallingbrook (MNBA)


Fleetwood Hardball (Forest Glen)

Garthwood Park (MSBA)

Georgetown South 1

Glen Abbey

Glen Abbey Recreation Centre



Hornby 1 (Georgetown)

Ireland D

Joe Sams 1


Lakeview East (Majors)

Lakeview West (Majors)

Lisgar (MNBA)

Manor Hill (MNBA)

Margaret Greene

Meadowvale 1

Memorial Park (MNBA)


Mississauga Valleys (Majors)

Neil C Matheson

Neilson Park



Ninth Line North (MSBA)

Oakville Park

Optimist Park

Petrescue South (Majors)



River Oaks 3 (Oakville)

Rivergrove 1

Rivergrove 2 (MNBA)

Rivergrove 3 (MNBA)

Sheridan (MSBA)

Sheridan (MSBA)


Smith Park

Smithfield Park

South Common North (MSBA)

South Common South (MSBA)

Stoney Creek Park

Sue Starkey/Miss. Valleys (Majors)

Sunnydale Park

Swinbourne (MNBA)

Syntex Green (MNBA)

Thorn Lodge (MSBA)

Tom Chater North
Tom Chatter Park
Ignore the Star....

Tom Chater South

Tom Chater West

Trafalgar Park North

Trafalgar Park South

Waterworks South (Majors)

Wellesworth 1 (Etobicoke)

Wellesworth 2 (Etobicoke)

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