Erie Fastball League: Welcome

Welcome to the web site of the Erie Men's Fastball League. Our league is a 8 team competitive travel league located in Southern Ontario. Our web site was launched on March 01 / 2001 and created by Dave Birnie. Please sign our guestbook at the bottom of the page. Thank-you. Greg Bacher- Web Site Administrator


Monday, April 14
Illegal Bat Info and Website Link


Fast Pitch (Men's and Women's)

Acceptable Certification Stamps:

isf2005certification.png asa2000certification.png asa2004certification.png
  • Any bat that appears on the ISF Approved Bat List and has an ISF certification stamp will be accepted for play at a Softball Canada event or,
  • Any bat that appears on the ASA Approved Bat List and has an ASA 2000 or 2004 certification stamp will also be accepted for play at a Softball Canada event.
  • The bat must meet the compression standards outlined by the ISF and can be tested to ensure they are in the proper range.
  • The bat must still pass a visual inspection per the current Softball Canada rulebook.

Saturday, April 21
2014 Erie League Score Card

Here is the new score card we will be using for the 2014 season. If all info is not supplied on the form it will be sent back to you for you to complete.
Handout: 2012 Erie League Score Card

Tuesday, September 2
Hagersville Flyers 3 Peat

For the 3rd year in a row the Hagersville Flyers (formally Selkirk Steelers) went undefeated to win the Erie League Season Ending Tournament. 


Monday, August 4
2014 World Tournament - Kitchener Ontario - August 8 - 16 2014

Monday, May 5
May 2014 - Softball Canada - Around the Horn

Monday, April 21
2014 Umpire List

Handout: 2014 Umpire List