Escondido National Little League: 2014 Hit-A-Thon

2014 Hit-A-Thon

 Click here to download a 2014 ENLL Pledge Sheet 

Date: TBA
Place: Escondido National Little League – Mountain View Park
Deadline to have donations turned into your Coach/Team Parent: TBA


Escondido National Little League will be hosting its second annual Hit-a-Thon on TBA.  The registration fees you pay only cover a portion of the operating costs of the ballpark.  The continued success and growth of the park depends on everyone’s support. So join us for a Saturday of fun at the ballpark.

Who should participate? We encourage every player in all divisions to participate in the Hit-A-Thon. To take part, you must obtain pledges from friends and family. Distant relatives such as Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles make great sponsors. Pledge amounts should be based on a per foot amount or a fixed pledge. A minimum recommended pledge is $20. Please be honest to your sponsors about how far you think you can hit the ball.  Flat amount donations are accepted as well as per foot pledges.

Pledge/ Distance








50 feet








100 feet








150 feet








200 feet









How will it work? Each player will get 3 hits. Coaches will pitch to their own players. T-ball will use a tee. The longest hit will be measured and recorded on your pledge sheet. For the majors division and below, the measured distance will include the roll of the ball. For the juniors division, the point where the fly ball lands will be used to determine the distance.  


How is money collected? Fixed contributions may be brought with you the day of the Hit-A-Thon. After the event, you need to contact your sponsors and let them know how much they need to donate based on your greatest distance hit.

Prizes? Prizes will be awarded to individuals and teams that collect the most donations and achieve the greatest distance hit. Prizes will be awarded for the following categories:

· Longest hit by individual per division *

· Greatest total donations raised by team (Pizza for team with most donations. At least half of team must participate)

· Greatest total donations raised by top three individuals

· Grand Prize for most $ raised will be prize worth more than $250

· Second and Third place win brand new baseball equipment (bats, helmets, etc)

· Teams that receive pledges of at least $500 will be entered into a drawing for a free pizza party

* Individuals will only be eligible for one prize and only those who turn in the sponsors form get the prizes!

Winners of the Hit-A-Thon individual and team competitions will be announced at closing ceremonies on June 8. All pledge sheets and funds should be turned into your coach or team parent no later than June 1 to be eligible. All checks should be made out to ENLL.

2014 ENLL HIT-A-THON ---- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Hit-A-Thon?
A. The Hit-a-thon is ENLL’s primary fundraiser to raise the funds necessary to support additional improvements in ENLL’s overall experience. Members of the league solicit donations from family, friends, neighbors, and the greater community. Players receive different prizes and a parent volunteer on each team serves as Hit-a-thon team coordinator.  

Q. What does this have to do with baseball?
A. Everything! Our league can’t improve without it. Registration fees cover the majority of the basic expenses of the league. Hit-a-thon pays for lights, improved uniforms, and better equipment. 

Q. How does the Hit-a-Thon raise money?
A. Players receive an envelope/order form to solicit pledges and donations from their friends, family, neighbors, and the greater community. Some donors may sponsor a pledge “per foot” payable after the team participates at the “Hit-a-thon” day. The league also strongly encourages donations of a flat amount to be paid at the time of the solicitation. The team 'hit-a-thon', will be held at a specific time on TBA at Mtn. View Park. During this time, each player has the opportunity to make three hits (from easy pitches). Field coordinators on the field will measure the distance of each hit and record only the longest distance. Once a player knows the distance of his/her longest hit, the player promptly contacts those who sponsored a per-foot pledge to collect the donation. For the majors division and below, the measured distance will include the roll of the ball. For the juniors division, the point where the fly ball lands will be used to determine the distance.

The players turn their money and forms into the team hit-a-thon coordinator who turns it over to the league coordinators. Players receive different prizes depending on the amount of money they raise. Incentive prizes are also awarded to teams that raise over a certain amount of money.  

Q: Who do we make the checks out too and can we turn in cash?
A: ENLL and yes.  

Q: Does the manager have to be there during his team’s hit-a-thon?

A: No, but we need at least 2 team representatives present to help coordinate the boys and girls. We will need an announcer and someone to help record their hits.  

Q: Is it mandatory for each player to participate?
A: No. But it is highly recommended as the funds will go directly back to the children. 

Q: When do I collect the money?
A: If a pledge gives you a "flat amount" then collect it right there. If a pledge gives you a "per foot" amount, then you will call that person after the Hit-A-Thon and get the money then.

Q: When must the money be turned in by?
A: All donations and forms must be turned in by June 1 to be eligible for any prizes. Donations can be turned in after that date as well to any board member, but will not be eligible for prizes. 

Q: I have more questions, who do I contact?
A: E-mail

Q: What time does my team take part in the “Hit-A-Thon?”
A: All times are posted on our website ( under Hit-A-Thon on the left menu bar.

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