Elmer Little League: 2016 Registration Information

Registration Information
Before You Register Read the Following Information.

The league will once again charge registration fees as well as have a candy sale. The extra funds raised will help defray costs for maintenance of equipment and fields, umpire costs, and to support several capital projects, including a new softball and baseball field.

The Baseball program has changed for players league age 13 to 16.  This year we will separate the ages. We will have a Junior League for players league age 13-14 and a Senior League for players league age 15-16.  Both leagues will play on the same size field.

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If this is your child's first year playing in Elmer LL, please bring their birth certificate.

Registration fees:
League Age 5 - One child - In-person Registration $65.00, online fee $68.
League Age 6, 7 & 8 - One child - In-person Registration $75.00, online fee $78.
League Age 9 and above - One child -In-person Registration $85.00, online fee $88.

League Age Determination:
Baseball - To Determne League age Click Here.
Softball - To Determine League age Click Here.

 Players can join Elmer LL at league age 5 and play Baseball and Softball until league age 16.

Family Discounts for multiple players
- $10.00 for 2 players
- $25.00 for 3 players
- $40.00 for 4 players
- $55.00 for 5 players

Online Registration is NOW OPEN. CLICK HERE to Register online.

Registration at the Elmer Boro Hall:

Friday, February 12th from 6pm to 8:00pm - Elmer Boro Hall
Saturday, February 13th from 9am to 12 noon - Elmer Boro Hall

Candy Sales (ONLY If You Register at the Elmer Boro Hall)
Each family has three options:

A)  Sell one box of candy per player* and pay now.
B)  Sell one box of candy per player* and pay by April 1st.
C) Don’t sell candy and Buy-out for $25 per player*.
* If a family has more than two children playing, only two boxes of candy must be sold or pay the buy-out at a cost of $50.

Registration at the Boro Hall closes February 13th.
After February 13th, ALL registrations will have to be completed online.
A late fee of $25.00 will be added if registering after February 17th.

Online Registration is Open. CLICK HERE to Register online.

League Age 5 - One child, online fee $68.
League Age 6, 7 & 8 - One child, online fee $78.
League Age 9 and above - One child, online fee $88.

Read the documents listed at the top of this page.

You DO NOT have an option of selling candy if you register online. 

If you register online you will not sell candy.  Each child will be charged a buy-out fee of $25. If a family has more than two children a $50 buy-out fee will be charged. 

If you're interested in coaching you must fill out a Volunteer Form.

If you coached an Elmer Little League team last year CLICK HERE.  If you did not CLICK HERE.
You can fill it out online, print it, and bring it with you when you register your child.