Ellsworth Men's Softball League: Welcome

 WELCOME TO e-townsoftball.com

     This is the home for all upcoming league related events, game schedules, teams, standings, tournaments and league discussion boards for the Ellsworth Men's Softball League. In the "Message Board" section we have sale listings for local bats and other softball related items, new teams and players looking find or fill roster spots and a place to air out the general league gossip!  This site is being run to help better communicate all league information and will be updated regularly.  Make sure to check here for rain outs, delays, schedule changes and other various updates.  Don't forget to sign up for a free account so that you can keep in touch with all of the local players, teams and coaches!

*Note*   If you are a manager or coach from the Ellsworth League please sign up for an account and note in the comments section that you are a "Coach", so that you can set up your "Sponsor" and "Team" pages before the season starts.  There will also be a place to keep up with team as well as individual player stats and they will be compared to all teams keeping track of these throughout the season!

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