Elkhorn Soccer Club: FAQs

Monday, July 15
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Programs are available through the Elkhorn Soccer Club?

A: Elkhorn Soccer Club offers soccer programs for four through fourteen year old children as listed below.

U6 Players in the U6 program can start as young as 4 years old. The players must be the age of 4 by August 1st of the year they will be playing. This group is usually 4K and 5k ages. The U6 program is an instructional soccer program that meets once a week for 7 weeks in the fall and 7 weeks in the spring. Practice dates and times are set by the U6 program coordinators. The focus of this group is to familiarize the young players with basic ball handling skills such as dribbling and passing. These skills are taught through various age appropriate games. This group is run within the club.

U7 Players in the U7 program are traditionally six and seven years old. The group is usually made up of first graders. The U7 program is a continuation of the instructional focus of U6 but we introduce games against other teams within the club at this time. This group meets once a week for practice and has their games traditionally on Saturday mornings at 8am. The games are played in a 4v4 format for four 10 minute quarters. This group is run within the club.

U8 Players in the U8 program are traditionally seven and eight years old. This group is usually made up of second graders. The U8 program expands further on the fundamentals taught in the U6 and U7 programs. This is the age where the teams start to travel to other cities such as East Troy, Delavan and Fontana for games. The dates and times of practices for the U8 teams are set by the coach(es). Games for the U8 teams are on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Games are still played in a 4v4 format at this age. Games consist of 4-12 minute quarters.

U9/10 Players in the U9/10 program are traditionally eight, nine and ten years old. This group is usually made up of third and fourth graders. The U9/10 program continues to work on the basics of ball control and starts to introduce players to playing in certain positions on the field. Basic soccer tactics and strategies are introduced at this age level. The offside rule is also introduced at this age. The game at this age is played in a 6v6 format. Games consist of two 25 minute halves. This is also the age where we offer an all girls teams. Girls may continue to play on co-ed teams if the parents request it.

U11/12 Players in the U11/12 program are traditionally ten, eleven and twelve years old. This group is usually made up of fifth and sixth graders. The U11/12 program starts to turn its focus to tactics and strategies of the game instead of basic skills. The offside rule is in effect at this age. The game at this age is played in an 8v8 format. Games consist of two 30 minute halves. Games for the recreational teams take place in Elkhorn, Delavan, East Troy, Burlington, Lake Geneva, Fontana and Fort Atkinson. At this age level the club can start to introduce what is called Select Soccer. This program is intended for players that have shown they are able to compete at a higher level of competition. Select tryouts will be conducted and teams will be formed if there are enough players that are able to compete at that level. Select teams can travel an hour or more for matches.

U13/14 Players in the U13/14 program are traditionally twelve, thirteen and fourteen years old. This group is usually made up of seventh and eighth graders. The U13/14 program continues to grow on its focus of tactics and strategies of the game. The game at this age is played in an 11v11 format on a full size soccer field. Games consist of two 35 minute halves. Games for the recreational teams take place in Elkhorn, Delavan, East Troy, Burlington, Lake Geneva, Fontana and Fort Atkinson. U13/14 players also have the option to try out for and play on the select teams. Tryouts will be held if there are enough players that are skilled enough to compete at a higher level for these ages. The select teams can travel up to one hour or more.

Q: What fundraiser(s) does the club participate in?

A: The Elkhorn Soccer Club hosts one major fundraiser per year. The Club hosts an annual Casino Night Fundraiser to help raise money for current and future capital improvements to Rotary Soccer Complex. This fundraiser is mandatory participation by all club members. The club asks that at least one parent per team help to coordinate the event so that the coach can focus on coaching the team. There are two very important components to make this event very successful. The first is that we ask that each team put together a team basket that will be placed in the silent auction that takes place throughout the night. We ask that each member/family on the team contribute to the team basket so that one family does not bear the entire cost of the basket. The second, and biggest, component to the fundraiser is that we require that each player in the club sell one ticket to the event. This usually translates to the parent buying the ticket(s) for the event. Tickets for the event have been $35 per ticket for the first two years of the event. If you would like to become part of the team that helps coordinate the Casino Night Fundraiser, please contact the President of the Club.

Q: Are there Individual Team Fundraisers?

A: Individual teams have from time to time conducted their own fundraisers to raise money to attend various tournaments or soccer related events. The Club encourages and will help get the word out to help those teams raise the money they need to accomplish their fundraising goals. In the past, teams have held car washes, worked the Brat Shack at Frank’s in Elkhorn and East Troy or sold discount cards to area merchants. Some teams have also contacted local businesses to help sponsor their teams in various tournaments.

Q: What are the Recreational Club Fees?

A: The fees for the Elkhorn Soccer Club are as follows.

U6 and U7 $50 per player. Included in this fee is a t-shirt and a soccer ball for all new players.

U8 through U10 $75 per player. All new players will receive an appropriate size ball. Players that are moving from the U8 to U9 level will receive a size 4 soccer ball.

U11 through U14 $100 per player. All new players will receive an appropriate size ball. Players that are moving from the U12 to U13 level will receive a size 5 soccer ball.

Q: What are the Select Fees?

A: The fees for the Elkhorn Soccer Club Select team are as follows. U11 through U14 The select fees are $100 in addition to the fees that you see above for a total of $200

Q: How do players get uniforms and what is the cost for uniforms?

A: All uniforms for players are ordered and paid for by the parents online through our uniform vendor. The uniform vendor for the Elkhorn Soccer Club is Stefan’s Soccer Supply. Spirit Wear for the Elkhorn Soccer Club can also be ordered through this vendor. The cost of the uniform for the recreational players is about $40 plus tax per player and about $60 plus tax for the select player. All players will receive a number when they register for the club that will stay with the player during their tenure with the club. Uniforms will only need to be ordered for new players, or when there is a change in uniform style.

Q: What is the Non-Participation Fee?

A: All families will be assessed a $50 non-participation (volunteer) fee. Once a member of the family has volunteered four hours towards club activities, the $50 will be refunded to the family. This reimbursement will happen once per month. There are various ways that you can earn this fee back such as volunteering in the concession stand, coaching a team or being a team parent (i.e coordinate snacks at games, casino night or tournament registration). You will also be notified via e-mail when other volunteer opportunities are available.

Q: How do I register my child?

A: The registration for the Elkhorn Soccer Club takes place in the spring of every year. Registration opens up online on May 1st and closes on June 30th. Registration that takes place during this time is for the subsequent fall and spring seasons. For example, if you register in May or June of 2013, your child will be registered to play with the club for the Fall of 2013 and the Spring of 2014. The reason that registration takes place so early is because we have to let the leagues know in July how many teams we will have at each level so that the schedules can be created.

The club will take registrations after the June 30th deadline but only for open spaces on teams. If the team rosters are full for your child’s age, we will not be able to accept a late registration. The only exception may be to the U6 and U7 age levels as both those groups are run in-house which gives us more flexibility in creating game schedules.

The club may also take registrations in January and February of each year for the spring season. This again will only be for open roster spots. If there is enough interest shown at one age level, we may be able to create a new team. Registration cost for mid-season registrants is as follows:  U6 and U7 $25, U8 – U10 $40, U11 – U14 $50 • Standard Non-participation and uniform fees apply. If you have any questions, please contact the club registrar. For contact information see the Club’s Board web page.

Q: How does my child try out for a Select Team?

A: Tryouts for the select program are traditionally held in early June. The week of tryouts is announced by the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association in early January. The tryout week is set by the state so that all clubs with a select program have tryouts the same week. Once the state has set the week, we will put it out on the website.  A specific schedule for the week will be released in April.

The WYSA and USYSA have specified that only the ages of U11 and up can have a select program. U10 and below are to be considered recreational no matter what league they play in. The Elkhorn Soccer Club will only field a select team if there is enough interest and players to tryout.

Q: How is my child placed on a team?

A: It is the practice of the club to maintain the same core roster of players from year to year when possible. Registration numbers, however, must be considered and may cause players to be moved from one team to another.

The Elkhorn Soccer Club is one of a few clubs that offers girls only programming as early as U9/10. Your daughter will be placed on a girls team unless you contact the registrar and specify that you would like your daughter to remain on a co-ed team.

At the U11 – U14 levels as more players choose to play select the club may put recreational players on a co-ed team if there are not enough players for both a boys and girls team.