EGSC: Travel Program

Travel Program General Information

The Elk Grove Soccer Club has a number of travel (also called competitive) soccer teams.  Teams include both boys and girls.

The Elk Grove Soccer Club Travel offers programs from U08 to U19 boys and girls team. Travel players are chosen based on an open tryout selection process. Travel players are selected for their skills, their desire to compete against a higher level of competition, and their commitment to team play. These teams reflect the quality of EGASC by their sportsmanship and skill development.
The philosophy of EGASC is that development and constant improvement is more important than winning. Winning is a byproduct of successful team and individual development. Players, parents, and coaches need a commitment to development.
Travel team league play is on Sundays. The travel league play is at a competitive level, accordingly playing time is NOT guaranteed. The travel leagues determine the playing schedules. These leagues place travel teams into divisions based on team-demonstrated skill, i.e. team record and competition faced. Geography is a secondary consideration. However, travel teams should expect to travel considerable distances for matches.
The Elk Grove Soccer Club is affiliated with the Northern Illinois Soccer League - NISL for the boys teams. The Girls teams compete in the Illinois Womens Soccer League - IWSL. Both Leagues are affiliates of the IYSA - Illinois Youth Soccer Association.


The Executive Board selects travel coaches for each outdoor session from volunteers for the positions. Travel coaches must be members in good standing and possess the required license. Currently, the EGASC requires an “E” coaching license.


The travel outdoor season runs from August through June of the following year. The travel outdoor season has two (2) sessions, fall and spring. Travel leagues determine the length and dates of the sessions. The session generally runs from August to November, the spring session from April to June. Each travel team decides whether or not to participate in an indoor soccer session(s). Coaches, parents, and players shall be responsible to EGASC for their actions anytime a team wears any part of the EGASC travel uniform.
EGASC requires all players to pay:
1) The EGASC registration fee (paid by all EGASC players) charged each session
2) The travel team league fee charged each session
3) Seeding tournament fees
4) Light expenses
5) Training expenses
6) Or any other expenses incurred by a team
The travel player is required to pay all fees at the time the player is placed on the leagues roster. In addition, the player must purchase a separate travel uniform.


Players shall be eligible for selection to an EGASC travel team if the player either: lives in Elk Grove Village, lives in the Elk Grove Park District, and/or an elementary school (K-8) within Elk Grove Village. Each team may select up to five (5) players from outside Elk Grove Village as per above. Players will be eligible for travel team playing levels based on their birth date.
Players grade eligible for one level but age eligible for another may apply to the Vice President, Travel for permission to play at the age eligible level. Players may tryout for a higher play level if no position is available at the appropriate level. No player will play more than one (1) level higher. The exception to this rule is for entry-level players at the U08 level. No player will be allowed to play under the U08 level based on the FIFA birth date guidelines of 08/01 to 07/31 of the following year. Girls are eligible for the boy’s teams. Exception: If an age level team can’t roster enough age appropriate players.

EGASC may form travel teams if there are sufficient quality players, qualified coaches and officials, and sufficient fields. The Executive Board is not responsible for providing teams and coaches. The Executive Board shall determine team structure with the emphasis on providing a suitable environment for individual development. The Executive Board may form teams by age, gender, and talent levels in whatever combination provides the greatest benefit for the largest number of players. The Executive Board shall designate multiple teams at an age/gender level an ”A”, “B”, “C”, etc based on talent. Priority for travel team formation shall be:
1) Single teams for each age level
2) Single teams for each gender within each age level
3) Single teams for both gender within each age level
4) Single teams for multiple age levels when necessary
5) Multiple teams for each age level when the appropriate requirements are met.

The travel player is required to pay all fees at the time the player is placed on the leagues roster. In addition, the player must purchase a separate travel uniform. The Executive Board will suspend players from EGASC activities if they do not pay the proper fees.


All travel players except for the goalkeeper shall wear the official EGASC travel uniform. This uniform shall consist of:
1) EGASC Travel Jersey - (Hunter Green)
2) EGASC travel short -  (Hunter Green)
3) EGASC Travel sock - Elk Grove Soccer Club Sock (Black w/EGASC)
4) Shin guards
5) Soccer shoes
6) Alternate T-Shirts


Travel teams may begin practice after the coach selects a roster and all players complete their registration. Travel coaches may conduct three (3) ninety (90) minute practices per week. Once a school begins, the coach will be limited to two (2) ninety (90) minute practices twice a week. An optional 3rd practice may be conducted, however players may not be penalized for not attending optional practice.