EGSC: Welcome

Friday, January 13

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Spring soccer registration begins Sunday, January 29th

  • Registration: Register on 1/29** at the Pavilion and receive $10 off your registration fee and a free t-shirt


  • Registration takes place during our Indoor games from Noon to 5pm


**One Time offer only.  You will only receive the discount and free t-shirt on Sunday 1/29 ONLY.  If you want to register for Spring Soccer on this date and are unable to do so in person, contact













Withdraw/Refund RequestsRefunds will be given if a withdraw request is received prior to the close of registration.  If a withdraw request is submitted after the close of registration but prior to the coaches meeting/draft, a refund of 50%, minus the $5 park district fee, will be approved.  Upon team formation and the coaches draft/meeting, no refunds will be given without Executive Board approval.  This approval will be made only for extenuating circumstances such as physical disability or dwelling relocation. 


Soccer is fun, fitness, cool!