Elite Soccer Camps, LLC: Backyard Soccer

Practice at home by yourself or with a friend, parent, or sibling...

How often have you heard a coach say, or have you has a coach said, "Now go home and practice to young soccer players?  Everyone agrees that the more a player practices on their own, the better they become.  But, how much guidance do players get on what they should practice, what games they can play on their own or with a friend, parent, or sibling?  Enter the Elite Soccer Camps "SoccerPals" Home Soccer Curriculum.

The purpose behind "SoccerPals" is to provide exercises and activities that players can do on their own or with another person/small group of people.  They are fun games that have a story background to hook the player into the game.  They allow players to get repeated touches on the ball, and allow players to work on skills like ball control, dribbling, vision, first touch and passing.

"SoccerPals" pretends that the ball is the player's new pet.  This theme ties into the "backyard" idea of the Home Curriculum.  Children can relate to playing in the backyard with their favorite pet, and having a new pet "SoccerPal" goes nicely.  "SoccerPals" is also designed to allow parents to play with their children in guided games, regardless of their soccer experience.  The curriculum gives players and parents the chance to get outside and play/practice and away from the TV, computer, and video games.

 Download and print out Part I of the Elite Soccer Camps "SoccerPals" Home Soccer Curriculum and get outside and practice today!  If you have any questions or don't understand any part of it, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

Handout: "SoccerPals" Home Soccer Curriculum