Elite Soccer Camps, LLC: WHYS Juggling Club

What is “Juggling”?

 Juggling is an essential soccer skill that is the foundation for developing ball control, better dribbling, a good first touch, and developing advanced moves.  Juggling consists of keeping a soccer ball up in the air by making “touches” on the ball with the various parts of the body that are legal in soccer.  This includes pretty much everything except the hands and arms.  The easiest part ofthe body to use is the top of the thigh. Very good jugglers use their chest, head, feet, and shoulders to make touches on the ball and keep it in the air.

 How Do I Learn To Juggle?

 To learn to juggle, all you need is an open space and a ball.  Try to stand on the balls of your feet (“stay on your toes”).  Excellent jugglers are quick and light on their feet and are ready to move to keep their body under the ball.  To start, hold the ball and drop it on the top of your thigh, bounce it into the air one time and catch it.  Use a controlled bounce and try to make the ball go only a foot or two straight up into the air.  Repeat this over and over.

 When this becomes easy, try to bounce it twice on the same thigh and catch it, then try three times, and so on.  Then try the other leg- can you make three or four touches?  If not, practice that leg.  Then try to alternate legs.

 Once you have mastered the tops of your thighs, then you need to learn to use your laces of your shoes. Again start by dropping the ball onto your laces, bouncing it up and catching it.  You need to keep your ankle locked and your toe pointed away from your shin.

 Keep practicing and learn to use both your thighs and feet, and to alternate between the two. Practice, practice, practice…there is no other way to learn to juggle.

 ESC Juggling Club

 The Elite Soccer Camps Juggling Club is designed to promote, encourage, and challenge our players to spend more of their free time practicing soccer and juggling.  As we all know, juggling is an integral part of player development, almost every U8 practice starts with juggling.  We want to encourage our young players to make juggling a habit because:

 -Players develop better overall ball manipulation skills.

-Players develop coordination, balance, reaction speed, learn to use both feet, etc.

-Players can set and achieve goals (personal juggling record) and also develop good work/practice habits and determination to reach those goals.

Awards are given for:

10, 15, 20 and 50 juggles at a time

 To join, print out the ESC Juggling Club Handout, fill it out and leave it in the trailer at Peterson Field, and your Award Bracelet will be given to your coach for you ASAP!

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Handout: Juggling Club Form

Sunday, May 22

Sunday, May 22