Elgin Little League: Welcome

     Elgin, OK Little League Baseball is a service program that organizes and promotes youth baseball to perpetuate the interest, knowledge, history, and love of the game. Elgin, OK Little League Baseball will strive to build the true fundamental skills and knowledge of the sport.

     Elgin, OK Little League Baseball mission is to:  

• Utilize safe, organized, and structured baseball competition as a tool to enlighten and cultivate the development of well rounded youth (ages 9 – 15(peewee-preps)) through the  establishment of the following life skills: o Responsibility; Goal Setting; Sportsmanship; Self Control; Smart Decisions; Teamwork; Leadership; Perseverance; Discipline  

• Instill the values of education, by encouraging the student athletes to maintain satisfactory grades in school and emphasizing the importance of keeping a proper relationship-balance between scholastic & athletic endeavors  

• Increase participation and interest in baseball  

• Acquaint the players with the proper fundamentals of the overall game  

• Provide a positive outlet for at risk urban youth  

• Institute the values of good citizenship through community volunteerism  

• Teach the value of teamwork.  

     To continue the mission of the Elgin, OK Little league baseball and  to improve the quality of life in its’ communities, Elgin, OK Little League Baseball has partnered with the Park & Recreation in Elgin, OK to enhance the overall quality of the youth baseball program offered to the youth in our community. We are an official affiliate of OK Kids Baseball.  We are looking for fence sign sponsors who are willing to reach a large potential new market by donating to assist in covering our major expenses such as equipment, insurance, officials, coaches’ background checks & certifications, academic & sportsmanship awards, and administrative cost.  

     If providing fence sign sponsorship for Elgin, OK Little League Baseball is an option for you and your organization, please take some time to review the sponsorship information I have included with this letter. I am confident you will find a level of sponsorship that will be comfortable for your organization as well as beneficial to our organization and we are also open to any other types of sponsorship provided by your organization.  The Elgin, OK Little League Baseball looks forward to building a strong partnership with your organization that will enable us to fulfill the hopes and dreams of our youth.  

     We welcome any comments or questions regarding the details of your sponsorship and look forward to forming a mutually beneficial partnership. I welcome a personal meeting to discuss how a partnership with Elgin, OK Little League Baseball will enhance our communities and your organization. I may be reached at the below address, number, email, or website and look forward to contributing to your continued success.


                Thank you in advance for your consideration and support of Elgin, OK Little League Baseball.   

                 "To the WORLD you may be ONE person, but to ONE person YOU may be the world”


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