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  October Board Meeting

Elgin Police Station Community Room

October 13, 2014 

7:00 PM

(Executive Board 6:30)


2015 Planning, Elections and Registration

On our web site and in e-mails to you over the past year we have spoken about volunteers needed to run the League. We would like to tell you about all our positions in hope that some of you will step forward and help us guide more than 500 players in next year’s spring season. Should any of these positions sound interesting to you please contact me via e-mail (below) to let me know so we can discuss. Many of these positions were unfilled in the past year. We need your help!

There have been many changes occurring this past year and ongoing changes that need our planning now so that we can have a successful 2015 Season.


  • In 2014, we were faced with the challenge of combining with our friends from Elgin Continental. This move will become permanent in the coming few months.
  • We also experienced growth in participation within the Elgin Classic boundaries, a fact we are very proud of and want to build on in 2015. We expect to have even more participation in 2015.
  • We also added opportunities for players by running Elite Baseball teams. This program will grow during the winter months offering both individual and team training. This training will not only be open to Elite players but all our participants. More information is about to be made available.  
  • We hosted over 48 Post Season All Stars and Special games in seven tournaments.  
To continue to provide for growth in number and services in 2015 requires a greater number of volunteers. At the September board meeting, we will nominate members for the Executive Board of Directors. These positions and duties are described on the Little League International web site and in the Elgin Classic Constitution found on our web page in Forms and Documents. The positions are:


Vice President of Baseball

Vice President of Softball



Player Agent

Safety Officer

Information Officer

Executive Board Elections are held at the annual meeting in October. After the election, the Executive Board will begin filling the Board of Director Positions. These positions also vote on ongoing league matters and are critical to the running of the league. In the past, we have had a member assume more than one role, which is not ideal.


We also need your help with the following positions.

  • Building & Property – responsible for the overall care and appearance of the fields and common areas. Orders and maintains the field marking paint, chalk and field dry.
  • Concessions – responsible for the overall functions of the concession stand. This includes, but not limited to: purchase of food, beverage and supplies; coordination of volunteer workers; cleanliness of the concession area and deposit of concession funds. This position works closely with the Treasurer.
  • Equipment – responsible for the issuance, collection, inventory, storage, care and purchase of all baseball & softball equipment.
  • Facilities – responsible for the physical operations of the concession stand, storage buildings and associated equipment. Works closely with the Building & Property position.
  • Fundraising – responsible for special fundraising activities of the League as directed by the Executive Board.
  • Division Coordinators – responsible for the coordination and representation of the Managers within that division and the daily maintenance of the fields. Any requests of grievances by Managers should be represented by the Coordinator of that division to the Executive Board.



Senior Little League Baseball (includes Junior and Senior Division)

Intermediate League Baseball

Major Little League Baseball

Minor Little League Baseball

Instructional AA Little League Baseball

Instructional - Tee Ball

Little League Softball (all Divisions)


This year we will also propose additional Board of Director Positions for the following:

Uniform Purchase and Distribution

• Assistant Safety Officer – Continental Fields

• Assistant Player Agent

• Spirit Wear Sales.

• Manager Training and Development

• Elite Division Coordinator

• Opening Day and Special Events Coordinator

• Team Parent Coordinator

• Building, Property and Facilities Manager – Continental Fields

• Photographer

• Raffle Coordinator

• Facebook and Social Media

If you would like to team up with another individual to take on one of these positions, that would be fine. The more participants involved the better. We have had some individuals come forward with roles not listed here who feel there is a need for the league. For example, being in charge of a single field at the Continental Complex – a great idea! Be creative and tell us what you want to do. We’ll make it work!

Lastly, if you are aspiring to any Executive or General Board Member position now or in the future, please let us know. We can make sure we get you the background of the position so that you are prepared.

Please Contact me at sgabrysecll@yahoo.com (630-335-6228) or any existing Executive Board Member if you are interested or have questions about any position.


Early Registration

Last year we began registration in November, locking in last year’s rates. We will offer a similar plan for 2015, possibly in October. You can also get on a payment plan early to help even out your finances if need be. 


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