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Thursday, March 28
ECR Girls Volleyball Tryouts

When are the freshman and returning player tryouts?

For freshman and returning players who would like to try-out for the El Camino Real Charter High School Girls Volleyball Team: Try-out Registration begins at 3pm.Try-outs are scheduled for June 13 and June 20, 2013 from 3:30-6pm at the ECR BigGym. Make up try-outs are in August. 

Do girls have to play club volleyball in order to play high school volleyball?

Club (whether on a local or a travel team) volleyball is not a requirement for participation in high school volleyball, but it does serve as an advantage when you consider the extra playing experience and coaching that it provides. At try-outs, we look for athletic ability along with specific skills. Plenty of girls have made our freshman teams with no prior club experience, based on their athletic ability and potential

Do girls get cut from the team?

Yes, volleyball is a sport where we select about 12 plus players per team. ECR has Junior Varsity, and Varsity Teams. Cuts are only made at try-out time. With only six players on the court at a time, volleyball needs to select an appropriate number of starters and back-up players. We tell potential players to give it a try. It may turn out to be one of your fondest high school memories. Volleyball is a fun sport to be involved in at ECR.

What if my daughter is really good and wants to try for the varsity team as a freshman?

Occasionally, we have a player jump to the varsity team. Freshmen are welcome to try-out in June (see above) for the JV or Varsity teams. We tend not to move girls up a level unless we envision significant playing time at that level.

 Will ECR have summer training?

Yes, ECR Volleyball will have summer training starting in May and ending in August before school starts.  Dates will be announced on this site once we have them finalized. There is a cost associated with the summer training and players selected for summer tournaments will be asked for a participation fee as well as: it is not covered by ECR Charter High School. Fees will be announced soon. A separate waiver will be required from ECR and can be found in the forms tab.

Does ECR have a beach team?

Yes, through the AAU Interscholastic League, El Camino Real competes in sand doubles. Tryouts take place after the indoor season. It is a game for the player with all-around skills. All ages are welcome to tryout. The team will have only 12 players. Try-out will be in the Spring.

Are the volleyball players enrolled in a separate PE class?

Yes, the volleyball team has its own PE class and they earn PE credit for playing on the team. The class takes place during 7th period. The coaching staff will send the counselors and the athletics department a roster after the tryouts.

It is possible to play multiple sports?

Yes, many girls in our program play other sports like soccer, basketball, water polo, swimming, softball, and track. The only conflicting girls' sports in the fall season would be tennis, cross country, and golf. At the varsity level, an athlete might choose to focus on one sport, but it is not required. Certainly, you should not have to choose as a freshman. There are many extra-curricular activities like choir, band, student government, and drama that can help to provide a well-rounded high school experience.

El Camino Real High School is a member of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), LA City CIF Section, and West Valley League. Participation in the school’s athletic program is a privilege not a right.

All students will have an opportunity to try out for each respective team. However each team has a limited number of spots or positions available. Please note that playing time in games is earned by the athlete. Henceforth playing time is given at the discretion of the coach and his/her coaching staff.

Students must have a completed emergency form and completed medical physicals to participate in tryouts.

Athletic Eligibility Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate in our athletic program:

• Completed athletic packet signed by both student and parent

• 2.0 GPA on the 10 and 20 week report card

Incoming 9th Gradess: The 20 week report card for the Middle School will be reviewed to determine academic eligibility for Fall Sports (Summer school classes will not be offered for incoming 9th grade students in LAUSD).

• Only 1 “U” in Cooperation at the 5, 10, 15, and 20 week report cards will be allowed.

• PRIOR TO TRYING OUT FOR A TEAM, an annual physical conducted by a licensed and practicing physician.

• Proof of medical Insurance with student’s name listed on the medical card or insurance information.  

Handout: Forms required prior to Try-out

Thursday, April 4
Forms required prior to Try-out

Prior to try-out for the El Camino Real Girls Volleyball Team, you will need to have a Physical, the summer waiver and complete the Blue Card (can be picked up at the Main Office at ECR). Please bring both to try-out. If you do not have these completed, you will not be able to try-out.

We look forward seeing you at try-outs!

Handout: ECR Physical Form